July 27, 2014

UNC forward Kennedy Meeks shows off weight loss, windmill-dunking ability

Kennedy Meeks arrived at UNC weighing about 320 pounds, but he said he weighed 270 earlier this month.

You might remember a little while back hearing about Kennedy Meeks throwing down a windmill dunk during a North Carolina practice. The way Meeks told the story earlier this month, he broke out the windmill to get the Tar Heels out of running.

There was some skepticism, then, when Meeks told this story, because during his freshman season at UNC he was never known for being much of a leaper, or a dunker. Meeks' weight was a constant storyline that surrounded him last season and his work to keep it off, and to keep losing it, was well documented.

Meeks arrived in Chapel Hill last summer weighing about 320 pounds. He slimmed down into the 280s and 290s during the season, but his lack of explosiveness hindered him. I covered all of the Tar Heels' games last season except for one, and I'm having a difficult time remembering Meeks dunking at all, though I'm sure it had to have happened. Right?

Well anyway, when Meeks described his windmill dunk earlier this month someone asked if this was a new thing for him – the ability to execute such a move. He said, “That's what I'm talking about. That was a dunk I could never do. So I finally got it and I'm doing it more consistently now.”

For all the skeptics out there, Meeks has now offered proof of his newly-developed ability. He posted on Saturday on his instagram account a short video of him doing the windmill. The caption on the video: “This one is for the people who said I couldn't windmill.”


If you watch the video, something else will become immediately obvious: Meeks looks a lot different than he did when he arrived at UNC a year ago, and a lot different than how he looked during his freshman season.

He said earlier this month that he weighed around 270 pounds, and that his goal was to weigh 265. He continues to work on losing weight, on becoming more explosive. Those things are likely to remain constants for him. The work, though, is clearly paying off.

“People tell me all the time that I look great,” Meeks said. “But I want to feel like I’m great. So that’s what I’m still working on. ... I don’t have a six pack yet. That’s my goal.”

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