NCISAA fall sports playoff schedule, 2013

11/04/2013 5:31 AM

11/04/2013 1:48 PM

The N.C. Independent Schools Athletic Association playoffs.

Area state champs: Raleigh Grace Christian boys’ cross country; Sanford Grace Christian boys’ soccer; St. David’s girls’ tennis


8-man brackets

1st round (Nov. 1): 8-Northeast Academy at 1-Southampton Academy, Va.; 5-Arendell Parrott Academy at 4-Halifax Academy; 6-Cary Christian at 3-Rocky Mount Academy; 7-St. David’s at 2-Hobgood Academy

Semifinals (Nov. 8): 1-Southampton Academy vs 4/5 winner; 3-Rocky Mount Academy vs 7-St. David’s

Finals (Nov. 15):

11-man brackets, Division I

1st round (Nov. 8): 1-Charlotte Christian vs 4-Providence Day; 2-Charlotte Country Day vs 3-Charlotte Latin

Finals (Nov. 15):

11-man brackets, Division II

1st round (Nov. 8): 1-Davidson Day vs 8-Cannon School; 4-Hickory Grove vs 5-First Assembly; 3-Christ School vs 6-High Point Christian; 2-Harrells Christian vs 7-Wake Christian

Semifinals (Nov. 15):

Finals (Nov. 22)

11-man brackets, Division III

1st round (Nov. 8): 4-Rabun Gap (Ga.) vs 1-SouthLake Christian; 2-Victory Christian vs 3-Metrolina Christian

Finals (Nov. 15):

Cross country

Oct. 25 at Hagan Stone Park - Pleasant Garden

1A girls champ: Hickory Christian

1A boys champ: Hickory Christian

2A girls champ: Asheville Christian

2A boys champ: Raleigh Grace Christian

3A girls champ: Charlotte Providence Day

3A boys champ: Charlotte Providence Day

Field hockey

1st round (Oct. 18): 9-Asheville Schoool at 8-Carolina Day; 12-St.Mary’s at 5-Cary Academy; 11-Greensboro Day at 6-Ravenscroft; 10-Cape Fear Academy at 7-Forsyth Country Day

Quarterfinals (Oct. 22): 8-Carolina Day at 1-Charlotte Latin; 5-Cary Academy at 4-Providence Day; 6-Ravenscroft at 3-Charlotte Country Day; 7-Forsyth Country Day at 2-Durham Academy

Semifinals (Oct. 25 at Providence Day): 4-Providence Day vs 1-Charlotte Latin; 3-Charlotte Country Day vs 2-Durham Academy

Finals (Oct. 26 at Providence Day): 3-Charlotte Country Day def. 1-Charlotte Latin

Girls’ golf

Oct. 21 at Pine Needles

State champ: Cannon School

Boys’ soccer

1A brackets

1st round (Oct. 19): 9-Statesville Christian at 8-Freedom Christian; 12-Shannon Forest at 5-Wayne Country Day; 11-Cape Fear Christian at 6-Greenfield School; 10-Kerr-Vance Academy at 7-Trinity of Raleigh

Quarterfinals (Oct. 22): 9-Statesville Christian at 1-Grace Christian Sanford; 5-Wayne Country Day at 4- Ridgecroft School; 6-Greenfield at 3-Hickory Christian; 7-Trinity of Raleigh at 2-Carmel Christian

Semifinals (Oct. 25 at Greenfield School): 4-Ridgecroft School vs 1-Grace Christian Sanford; 3-Hickory Christian vs 2-Carmel Christian

Finals (Oct. 26 at Greenfield School): 1-Grace Christian Sanford def. 3-Hickory Christian

2A brackets

1st round (Oct. 19): 8-St. David’s vs 9-Coastal Christian; 12-Gaston Day at 5-Asheville Christian; 11-Cary Christian at 6-Arendell-Parrott; 10-Grace Christian Raleigh at 7-Carolina Friends

Quarterfinals (Oct. 22): 9-Coastal Christian at 1-Caldwell Academy; 12-Gaston Day at 4-Cape Fear Academy; 6-Arendell Parrott at 3-O’Neal School; 7-Carolina Friends at 2-Fayetteville Academy

Semifinals (Oct. 25 at Poston Park in Lowell NC): 12-Gaston Day vs 1-Caldwell Academy; 3-O’Neal School vs 2-Fayetteville Academy

Finals (Oct. 26 at Poston Park in Lowell, NC): 2-Fayetteville Academy def. 1-Caldwell Academy

3A brackets

1st round (Oct. 19): 9-Providence Day at 8-Forsth Country Day; 12-Hickory Grove at 5-North Raleigh Christian; 11-Durham Academy at 6-Ravenscroft; 10-Charlotte Christian at 7-Cannon School

Quarterfinals (Oct. 22): 8-Forsyth Country Day at 1-Greensboro Day; 5-North Raleigh Christian at 4-Charlotte Latin; 6-Ravenscroft at 3-Charlotte Country Day; 7-Cannon School at 2-Wesleyan Christian

Semifinals (Oct. 25 at Forsth Country Day): 8-Forsyth Country Day vs 5-North Raleigh Christian; 4-Charlotte Country Day vs 2-Wesleyan Christian

Finals (Oct. 26 at Forsyth Country Day): 5-North Raleigh Christian def. 4-Charlotte Country Day

Girls’ tennis

1A brackets

1st round (Oct. 22): 8-Northeast Academy at 1-Statesville Christian; 4-Burlington School at 5-Trinity of Raleigh; 6-Lawrence Academy at 3-Kerr-Vance Academy; 7-Greenfield School at 2-Wayne Country Day

Semifinals (Oct. 25 at Barton College): 4-Burlington School vs 1-Statesville Christian; 3-Kerr-Vance Academy vs 2-Wayne Country Day

Finals (Oct. 26 at Barton College): 2-Wayne Country Day def. 1-Statesville Christian

2A brackets

1st round (Oct. 19): 9-Carolina Friends at 8-O’Neal School; 12-Westchester Country Day at 5-Gaston Day; 11-Rocky Mount Academy at 6-Caldwell Academy; 10-Cary Christian at 7-Fayetteville Academy

2nd round (Oct. 22): 8-O’Neal School at 1-St. David’s; 5-Gaston Day at 4-Arendell Parrott; 6-Caldwell Academy at 3-Trinity School of Durham; 7-Fayetteville Academy at 2-Cape Fear Academy

Semifinals (Oct. 25 at Barton College): 4-Arendell Parrottt vs 1-St. David’s; 6-Caldwell Academy vs 2-Cape Fear Academy

Finals (Oct. 26 at Barton College) 1-St. David’s def. 2-Cape Fear Academy

3A brackets

1st round (Oct. 19): 9-Ravenscroft at 8-Charlotte Latin; 12-Covenant Day at 5-Durham Academy; 11-Southlake Christian at 6-St. Mary’s; 10-North Raleigh Christian at 7-Cannon School

2nd round (Oct. 22): 8-Charlotte Latin at 1-Charlotte Country Day; 5-Durham Academy at 4-Cary Academy; 6-St. Mary’s at 3-Providence Day; 7-Cannon School at 2-Greensboro Day

Semifinals (Oct. 25 at Durham Academy): 4-Cary Academy vs 1-Charlotte Country Day; 2-Greensboro Day vs 3-Providence Day

Finals (Oct. 26 at Durham Academy): 1-Charlotte Country Day def. 3-Providence Day


1A brackets

1st round (Oct. 22): 9-Halifax Academy at 8-United Faith; 12-Pungo Christian at 5-Cresset Christian; 11-Cape Fear Christian at 6-Pope John Paul; 10-Kerr-Vance Academy at 7-Statesville Christian

2nd round (Oct. 25 at Word of God): 9-Halifax Academy vs 1-Freedom Christian; 5-Cresset Christian vs 4-Hickory Christian; 6-Pope John Paul vs 3-Shannon Forrest; 10-Kerr-Vance Academy vs 2-Oakwood School

Semifinals (Oct. 25 at Word of God): 1-Freedom Christian vs 4-Hickory Christian; 2-Oakwood School vs 3-Shannon Forest Christian

Finals (Oct. 26 at St. David’s): 3-Shannon Forest Christian def. 1-Freedom Christian

2A brackets

1st round (Oct. 22): 9-Davidson Day at 8-Coastal Christian; 12-Calvary Baptist at 5-Asheville Christian; 11-Harrells Christian at 6-Epiphany School; 10-Fayetteville Academy at 7-Caldwell Academy

2nd round (Oct. 25 at Carolina Friends): 8-Coastal Christian vs 1-Trinity School of Durham; 5-Asheville Academy vs 4-Cary Christian; 6-Epiphany School vs 3-St. David’s; 7-Caldwell Academy vs 2-Westminster Catawba, S.C.

Semifinals (Oct. 25 at Carolina Friends): 5-Asheville Christian vs 1-Trinity of Durham; 3-St. David’s vs 2-Westminster Catawba

Finals (Oct. 26 at St. David’s): 2-Westminster Catawba def. 1-Trinity School of Durham

3A brackets

1st round (Oct. 22): 9-Wesleyan Christian at 8-Providence Day; 12-Durham Academy at 5-Cary Academy; 11-Cannon School at 6-Ravenscroft; 10-High Point Christian at 7-Charlotte Christian

2nd round (Oct. 25 at Cary Academy): TBA vs 1-Charlotte Country Day; 5-Cary Academy at 4-North Raleigh Christian; 6-Ravenscroft vs 3-Charlotte Latin; 7-Charlotte Christian vs 2-Covenant Day

Semifinals (Oct. 25 at Cary Academy): 1-Charlotte Country Day def. 4-North Raleigh Christian; 2-Covenant Day def . 6-Ravenscroft

Finals (Oct. 26 at St. David’s): 1-Charlotte Country Day def. 2-Covenant Day

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