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11/17/2013 7:53 PM

11/17/2013 7:54 PM

Chapel Hill entered the postseason as the top-ranked team in the News & Observer area. There were no area champions this year, but Sanderson was runner-up.

Note: All matchups are listed as they appear top-to-bottom on the NCHSAA bracket with “//” dividing the top portion from the bottom. Scores in parentheses.

Final N&O top 15: No. 1 Sanderson, No. 2 Green Hope, No. 3 Chapel Hill, etc.

N&O All-Metro team: 13 players (12 seniors) make the team

All-state team: 21 area players make the team

4A East playoffs

1st round (Wed., Oct. 30) 1-Green Hope (6-1) vs 32-Southeast Raleigh; 16-East Chapel Hill vs 17-Fuquay-Varina (3-1); 8-New Bern vs 25-Millbrook (3-1); 9-Clayton (3-1) vs 24-Greenville DH Conley; 5-Jordan (5-0) vs 28-West Johnston; 12-Heritage (3-0) vs 21-East Wake; 4-New Hanover (2-0) vs 29-Hoke County; 13-Lumberton (3-2) vs 20-Southern Alamance // 3-Fayetteville Pine Forest (2-1) vs 30-Panther Creek; 14-Fayetteville Jack Britt vs 19-Fayetteville Cape Fear (3-2); 6-Garner (4-3) vs 27-Wake Forest; 11-Wilmington Laney (3-2) vs 22-Northern Durham; 7-Sanderson (6-2) vs 26-Holly Springs; 10-Apex vs 23-Wilmington Hoggard (2-1); 2-Southern Pines Pinecrest (2-0) vs 31-Harnett Central; 15-Greenville Rose vs 18-Broughton (3-1)

2nd round (Sat. Nov. 2) 1-Green Hope (5-0) vs 17-Fuquay-Varina; 9-Clayton vs 25-Millbrook (3-1)5-Jordan (2-0) vs 12-Heritage; 4-New Hanover (8-1) vs 13-Lumberton // 3-Pine Forest (4-0) vs 19-Cape Fear; 6-Garner vs 11-Laney (6-2); 7-Sanderson (4-1) vs 23-Hoggard; 2-Pinecrest (3-0) vs 18-Broughton

3rd round (Wed. Nov. 6) 1-Green Hope (1-0) vs 25-Millbrook; 4-New Hanover (1-0) vs 5-Jordan // 3-Pine Forest vs 11-Laney (3-2); 2-Pinecrest vs 7-Sanderson (3-1)

4th round (Sat. Nov. 9) 1-Green Hope (2-0) vs 4-New Hanover // 7-Sanderson (3-1) vs 11-Laney

East final (Tue. Nov. 12) 1-Green Hope vs 7-Sanderson (3-0)

State championship (Sat. Nov. 16) Asheville TC Roberson def. Sanderson 2-1

3A East playoffs

1st round (Wed., Oct. 30) 1-Chapel Hill (5-0) vs 32-Cameron Union Pines; 16-Northwood (5-2) vs 17-Gray’s Creek; 8-South Brunswick (3-0) vs 25-Northeast Guilford; 9-Southern Lee (5-2) vs 24-Lee County; 5-Smithfield-Selma (4-0) vs 28-Pikeville C.B. Aycock; 12-Southern Nash (4-0) vs 21-Northern Nash; 4-Jacksonville (3-1) vs 29-Havelock; 13-Cardinal Gibbons (9-0) vs 20-Eastern Guilford // 3-Western Alamance (3-1) vs 30-West Brunswick; 14-Wilson Fike vs 19-West Carteret (4-1); 6-Wilson Hunt (3-1) vs 27-Rocky Mount; 11-Corinth Holders (4-0) vs 22-Cedar Ridge; 7-Southern Wayne (4-1) vs 26-South Johnston; 10-Swansboro vs 23-Jacksonville White Oak (3-1); 2-Fayetteville Terry Sanford (5-0) vs 31-Orange; 15-Eastern Alamance vs 18-Cleveland (4-2)

2nd round (Sat. Nov. 2) 1-Chapel Hill (5-0) vs 16-Northwood; 8-South Brunswick (2-1) vs 9-Southern Lee; 5-Smithfield-Selma vs 12-Southern Nash (2-1)4-Jacksonville (4-2) vs 13-Cardinal Gibbons // 3-Western Alamance vs 19-West Carteret (2-0); 6-Hunt (1-0) vs Corinth Holders; 7-Southern Wayne vs 23-White Oak (2-1); 2-Terry Sanford (7-0) vs 18-Cleveland

3rd round (Wed. Nov. 6) 1-Chapel Hill (4-1) vs 8-South Brunswick; 4-Jacksonville (2-1) vs 12-Southern Nash // 6-Hunt (2-1) vs 19-West Carteret; 2-Terry Sanford vs 23-White Oak (4-3)

4th round (Sat. Nov. 9) 1-Chapel Hill vs 4-Jacksonville (1-0) // 6-Hunt (2-1) vs 23-White Oak

East final (Tue. Nov. 12) 4-Jacksonville (6-1) vs 6-Hunt

State championship (Sat. Nov. 16) Marvin Ridge def. Jacksonville 6-5

2A East playoffs

1st round (Wed., Oct. 30) 1-Kill Devil Hills First Flight (4-1) vs 32-Bartlett Yancey; 16-Roanoke Rapids vs 17-Jordan-Mathews (4-2); 8-Greene Central (2-1) vs 25-Edenton Holmes; 9-Ayden-Grifton vs 24-North Pitt (4-1); 5-NC Science & Math (3-0) vs 28-Holly Ridge Dixon; 12-Newport Croatan (7-1) vs 21-North Johnston; 4-East Duplin (5-1) vs 29-North Lenoir; 13-Franklinton vs 20-Southwest Onslow (4-1) // 6-Red Springs vs 27-East Bladen (2-1); 11-Elizabeth City Northeastern (3-0) vs 22-Eastern Randolph; 3-Clinton (10-0) vs 30-St. Pauls; 14-Wilson Beddingfield vs 19-Currituck County (1-0); 7-Carrboro (1-0) vs 26-Bunn; 10-Graham (6-3) vs 23-Midway; 2-Washington (2-1) vs 31-Burlington Cummings; 15-Randleman (4-2) vs 18-Kinston

2nd round (Sat. Nov. 2) 1-First Flight (3-0) vs 17-Jordan-Matthews; 8-Greene Central vs 24-North Pitt (4-2); 5-NCSSM (4-2) vs 12-Croatan; 4-East Duplin (3-1) vs Southwest Onslow // 3-Clinton (5-0) vs Currituck; 11-Northeastern (5-2) vs 27-East Bladen; 7-Carrboro (1-0) vs 10-Graham; 2-Washington (5-3) vs 15-Randleman

3rd round (Wed. Nov. 6) 1-First Flight (5-1) vs 24-North Pitt; 4-East Duplin vs 5-NCSSM (2-1) // 3-Clinton (3-0) vs 11-Northeastern; 2-Washington vs 7-Carrboro (3-2)

4th round (Sat. Nov. 9) 1-First Flight (2-0) vs 5-NCSSM // 3-Clinton vs 7-Carrboro (1-0)

East final (Tue. Nov. 12) 1-First Flight (3-1) vs 7-Carrboro

State championship (Sat. Nov. 16) Salisbury def. First Flight 2-1

1A East playoffs

1st round (Wed., Oct. 30)

East pod - 1-Wallace-Rose Hill (9-0) vs 16-Jacksonville Northside; 8-Riverside-Martin vs 9-Cape Hatteras (4-2); 5-Seven Springs Spring Creek (10-2) vs 12-Perquimans; 4-Tarboro (2-0) vs 13-Gates County // 3-East Carteret (5-1) vs 14-Pender; 6-Manteo (4-0) vs 11-Rocky Point Trask; 7-Lejeune (4-0) vs 10-Chocowinity Southside; 2-Camden County (9-0) vs 15-Bear Grass Charter

Mideast pod - 1-Granville Central (6-0) vs 16-Princeton; 8-Hobbton (5-3) vs 9-Clinton Union; 5-Woods Charter (6-0) vs 12-East Columbus; 4-Whiteville (1-0) vs 13-East Wake Academy // 3-Franklin Academy (9-0) vs 14-Neuse Charter; 6-Louisburg (6-1) vs 11-Voyager Academy; 7-Raleigh Charter (5-0) vs 10-Rosewood; 2-Warsaw James Kenan (5-1) vs 15-Lakewood

2nd round (Sat. Nov. 2)

East pod - 1-Wallace-Hill (9-0) vs 9-Cape Hatteras; 4-Tarboro vs 5-Spring Creek (3-0) // 3-East Carteret (6-1) vs 6-Manteo; 2-Camden County (5-0) vs 7-Lejeune

Mideast pod - 1-Granville Central (1-0) vs 8-Hobbton; 4-Whiteville vs 5-Woods Charter (5-1) // 3-Franklin Academy (6-2) vs 6-Louisburg; 2-James Kenan vs 7-Raleigh Charter (2-1)

3rd round (Wed. Nov. 6)

East pod - 1-Wallace-Rose Hill (4-1) vs 5-Spring Creek; 2-Camden County (2-1) vs 3-East Carteret

Mideast pod - 1-Granville Central vs 5-Woods Charter (3-2); 3-Franklin Academy vs 7-Ralegh Charter (5-1)

4th round (Sat. Nov. 9)

East pod - 1-Wallace-Rose Hill (5-2) vs 2-Camden County

Mideast pod - 5-Woods Charter vs 7-Raleigh Charter (3-1)

East final (Tue. Nov. 12) 1-Wallace-Rose Hill (3-0) vs 7-Raleigh Charter

State championship (Sat. Nov. 16) Wallace-Rose Hill def. North Moore 3-2, went to PKs

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