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November 12, 2013

2013 Big Eight all-conference for volleyball, soccer and more

With all its fall sports teams done with their seasons, except football, the Big Eight Conference released its all-conference teams and other postseason awards Tuesday.

With all its fall sports teams done with their seasons, except football, the Big Eight Conference released its all-conference teams and other postseason awards Tuesday.

The sports listed included cross country, soccer, tennis and volleyball.

Football honors will be announced after the last Big Eight team finishes its run in the NCHSAA playoffs.


Boys Cross Country

Boys' Coach of the Year: Joan Nesbit-Mabe (Chapel Hill)

Male Runner of the Year: Jared Buddington (Cedar Ridge)

Team Sportsmanship Award: Oxford Webb

Team Champion: Chapel Hill

All-Conference: Jared Buddington (Cedar Ridge); Drew Roeber (Chapel Hill); Peter Williams (Chapel Hill); David Edwards (Cardinal Gibbons); Colin Vilen (Chapel Hill); Noah Hanley (Cedar Ridge); Connor Lane (Cardinal Gibbons); J.T. Klimek (Cardinal Gibbons); Max Blackburn (Chapel Hill); Patrick Fallon (Cedar Ridge); Robert Russell (Orange); Jonathan Timothy (Chapel Hill).

Girls Cross Country

Girls' Coach of the Year: Nick Mangum (Cardinal Gibbons)

Female Runner of the Year: Mary Grace Doggett (Cardinal Gibbons)

Girls' Sportsmanship Award: Cedar Ridge

Team Champion: Cardinal Gibbons

All-Conference: Mary Grace Doggett (Cardinal Gibbons); Sophia Ebihara (Cardinal Gibbons); Megan Vaughn (Cardinal Gibbons); Amanda Wiggenhorn (Cardinal Gibbons); Marija Crook (Chapel Hill); Anna Passannante (Chapel Hill); Rachel Bartolomeo (Cardinal Gibbons); Laura Hart (Cardinal Gibbons); Elisa Matrera (Chapel Hill); Adalyn Fleming (Orange); Annie Pierce (Cardinal Gibbons); Erin Nelson (Northwood).


Player of the Year: Ben Fisher, Chapel Hill

Coach of the Year: Ron Benson, Chapel Hill.

Team Sportsmanship Award: Orange

Goalkeeper of the Year: Justus Heizer, Chapel Hill

Conference Champion: Chapel Hill

All-Conference: Player, Position, Class, School — Ben Fisher, (Jr., MF, Chapel Hill); Chandler Weedon (Sr., D, Chapel Hill); Nate Hebert, (Sr., F, Chapel Hill); Luke Ciocca, (Sr., D, Chapel Hill); John Walden, (Soph., MF, Chapel Hill); Jaime Figueroa, (Sr., D, Orange); Sam Ferry, (Sr., MF, Orange); Chase Rhode, (Sr., D, Cardinal Gibbons); Cam Steele, (Sr., MF, Cardinal Gibbons); Bryan Hall, (Sr., D, Cardinal Gibbons); Cooper Duplantis (Sr., MF, Cardinal Gibbons); Dan Deacon, (Sr., MF, Cardinal Gibbons); Jonathan Byron (Jr., MF, N.Vance); Joseph Sharpe (Jr., MF, N.Vance); Angel Rosas, (Soph., F, Northwood); Jerry Silvestri (Jr., MF, Northwood); Jordan Tingen (Sr., MF, Northwood); Osmand Delcid (Sr., MF, Cedar Ridge); Brandon Phares (Sr., D, Cedar Ridge); Brayan Delcid (Jr., MF, Cedar Ridge); Raheem Somersall (Jr., MF, S.Durham); Leo Orozco (Jr., D, S.Durham); Luke Deacon (Sr., GK, Cardinal Gibbons).

Honorable Mention: Connor Albrecht (Jr., MF, Chapel Hill); Alex Walker, (Sr., MF, Cardinal Gibbons); Zack Matthews (Soph., D, Orange); Drew Rabil (Fresh., F, Cardinal Gibbons); Zach Clements (Soph., F, Cardinal Gibbons); Will Gillespie (Sr., MF, Webb); Tim Smith (Jr., D, Webb); Jake Wiggins (Jr., D, Northern Vance); Irving Cheluca (Jr., MF, Northern Vance); Chris Pendergraph (Jr., D, Northern Vance); Thomas Knight (Jr., GK, Northern Vance); Zach Marion (Sr., MF, Cedar Ridge); Chris Walker (Soph., F, Cedar Ridge); Zach Johnson (Jr., F, Cedar Ridge); Cristobal Alvarez (Sr., D, Southern Durham); Jason Alvarez (Soph., F, Southern Durham); Eric Balderrama (Sr., MF, Southern Durham).

Girls Tennis

Player Of The Year: Devin Knors, Cardinal Gibbons

Coach Of The Year: Andrew Tuttle, Cardinal Gibbons

Team Sportsmanship Award: Oxford Webb

Conference Champion: Cardinal Gibbons

All-Conference: Devin Knors (Cardinal Gibbons); Lizzie Galush (Cardinal Gibbons); Maggie Reilly (Cardinal Gibbons); Kate Freed (Cardinal Gibbons); Andie Fitzgerald (Cardinal Gibbons); Natalie Freeman (Cardinal Gibbons); Gabriel Chew (Chapel Hill); Emily Easthom (Chapel Hill); Morgan Alderman (Chapel Hill); Josie Newburg (Cedar Ridge); Jena Proctor (Cedar Ridge); Chloe Strauss (Cedar Ridge); Hannah Holloway (Northwood); Rachel Riddle (Northern Vance)

Honorable Mention: Summer Jacobs (Cardinal Gibbons); Sam Lane (Chapel Hill); Sam Golden (Chapel Hill); Emma Goodrich (Northwood); Brianna Hales (Orange); Caroline Oakley (Northern Vance).


Player Of The Year: Perry Ramsey (Chapel Hill)

Coach Of The Year: Logan Barber (Cardinal Gibbons)

Team Sportsmanship Award: Northwood

Conference Champion: Cardinal Gibbons

All Conference: Erin Quinn (Cardinal Gibbons); Cheyenne Wood (Cardinal Gibbons); Briley Brind’Amour (Cardinal Gibbons); Amy Robertson (Cardinal Gibbons); Bianca Gartner (Cardinal Gibbons); Ashley Muench (Orange); Andie McKinnon (Orange); Bailey Freeman (Cedar Ridge); Cass Michal (Cedar Ridge); Mary Anderson (Cedar Ridge); Alexa Bernard (Northwood); Hayley Marshburn (Webb); Caroline Joyner (Webb); Perry Ramsey (Chapel Hill); Catherine Romaine (Chapel Hill); Katharine Esterley (Chapel Hill); Madison Gunning (Chapel Hill); Keir Witherspoon (Southern Durham).

Honorable Mention: Shelby Kremer (Northwood); Jasmine Harris (Northwood); Danielle Santos (Northwood); Chelsea Hill (Cedar Ridge); Kacia Vines (Cedar Ridge); Teyler Hall (Orange); Tara Weller (Orange); Alex Davis (Cardinal Gibbons); Emma Longley (Cardinal Gibbons); Mia Fradenburg (Cardinal Gibbons); Annie Linker (Chapel Hill).

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