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January 6, 2014

Two Rivers 3A All-Conference fall lists

All-conference lists for the 2013 fall season in volleyball, cross country, boys soccer, girls tennis, girls golf and football.


Team Champion: Triton

Player of the Year: Carrington Royals (Triton)

Coach of the Year: Wendy Gaines (Triton)

Team Sportsmanship: Smithfield-Selma

All-Conference Team: Lexi Consiglio (Corinth Holders), Ashley Gaines (Triton), Barbara Godwin (Triton), Breanna Graham (Triton), Alexis Massengill (South Johnston), Rachel Moore (Smithfield-Selma), Courtney Morris (Cleveland), Cole Narron (Corinth Holders), Meredith Randolph (Western Harnett), Marina Roe (Cleveland)

Girls Cross Country

Team Champion: Corinth Holders

Player of the Year: Arden Vessie (Corinth Holders)

Coach of the Year: Joe Johnson (Corinth Holders)

Team Sportsmanship: Smithfield-Selma

All-Conference Team: Hannah Canterbury (Corinth Holders), Megan Chappell (Corinth Holders), Ashley Dean (Triton), Paige Furrie (Western Harnett), Jordan Kerns (Western Harnett), Dava McLamb (South Johnston), Marissa Perez (Western Harnett), Abigail Pittman (Corinth Holders), Cameron Rutherford (Corinth Holders), Taylor Stephens (Corinth Holders), Rachel Strickland (Corinth Holders), Arden Vessie (Corinth Holders)

Girls Tennis

Team Champion: Triton

Singles Champion: Victoria Dixon (Cleveland)

Doubles Champions: Caroline Dunham and Madison Newton (Triton)

Player of the Year: Victoria Dixon (Cleveland)

Coach of the Year: Dana Davis (Triton)

Team Sportsmanship: Western Harnett

All-Conference Team: Blair Beasley (Smithfield-Selma), Jennifer Byrd (Triton), Victoria Dixon (Cleveland), Caroline Dunham (Triton), Megan Dyer (Corinth Holders), Anna Grubbs (Smithfield-Selma), Jordan Heiner (Corinth Holders), Christina Holbrook (Cleveland), Lydia Jones (Triton), Anna Manning (Western Harnett), Madison Newton (Triton), Kasey Quiel (Cleveland), Amber Reese (Cleveland), Elizabeth Strickland (South Johnston)

Girls Golf

Team Champion: Smithfield-Selma

Player of the Year: Haley Talton (Smithfield-Selma)

Coach of the Year: Theresa Gale (Corinth Holders)

Team Sportsmanship: South Johnston

All-Conference Team: Brooke Blackmon (Triton), Savannah Dunn (Triton), Allyson Duranceau (Western Harnett), Brittany Elliot (Triton), Dahlia Guin (Triton), Tabby Herzig (Cleveland), Emily Kirsch (South Johnston), Peyton Labonte (Corinth Holders), Haley Talton (Smithfield-Selma), Parker Watson (Smithfield-Selma), Rachael Wheeler (South Johnston), Sydney Wheeless (South Johnston)


Team Champion: Cleveland

Offensive Player of the Year: Isaac Martin (Cleveland)

Defensive Player of the Year: Sterling Johnson (Cleveland)

Co-Lineman of the Year: Tim McNeil (Triton), Will Carter (Western Harnett)

Special Teams Player of the Year: Chris Parker (Smithfield-Selma)

Coach of the Year: Marc Morris (Cleveland)

Team Sportsmanship: Cleveland

All-Conference Team: Delaney Ahola (Cleveland), Darius Alston (Western Harnett), Xavier Baker (Cleveland), Gartrel Barnes (Western Harnett), Andrew Caldwell (Cleveland), Dylan Caldwell (Cleveland), Butler Collins (Corinth Holders), Kayvion Dunn (Cleveland), Laron Gilchrist (Western Harnett), Bryce Hale (Cleveland), DeAngelo Harris (Triton), Devin Harris (South Johnston), Austin Hickman (Western Harnett), Leroy Hill (Smithfield-Selma), Torante Howard (South Johnston), Zach Jacobs (Cleveland), Jared Johnson (Corinth Holders), Jeremy Leggett (Triton), Brad Miller (Triton), Todd Penny (Triton), Chris Samuels (Smithfield-Selma), Garret Smith (South Johnston), Hampton Smith (Corinth Holders), Jamal Stancil (Smithfield-Selma), Justin Steinmetz (Western Harnett), Zach Wade (Triton), Latrell White (Triton), Brandon Woodard (Corinth Holders)

Boys Cross Country

Team Champion: Western Harnett

Player of the Year: Matthew Calvelo (Western Harnett)

Coach of the Year: Joe Loia (South Johnston)

Team Sportsmanship: Triton

All-Conference Team: Bailey Blackwell (Corinth Holders), Matthew Calvelo (Western Harnett), Chandler Condie (Corinth Holders), Esai Cunningham (Western Harnett), Gable Dershem (Cleveland), Seamus Donahue (Western Harnett), Jacob Gonzales (South Johnston), Brian LaMonica (Western Harnett), Patrick Myers (Corinth Holders), Gabe Patton (Corinth Holders), Evan Raynor (South Johnston), Trey Rouse (Western Harnett)

Boys Soccer

Team Champion: Smithfield-Selma

Offensive Player of the Year: Harrison Howell (Smithfield-Selma)

Defensive Player of the Year: Raynor Weaver (Triton)

Coach of the Year: Renato Fretias (Smithfield-Selma)

Team Sportsmanship: Corinth Holders

All-Conference Team: Daniel Avila (Smithfield-Selma), Jorge Barahona (South Johnston), Robin Barksdale (Smithfield-Selma), Jose Correra (South Johnston), Dominic Eannarino (Corinth Holders), Ricardo Hernandez (Triton), Aaron Lopez (Corinth Holders), Federico Planchon (Cleveland), Raul Rodriguez (Western Harnett), Kevin Rosales (Corinth Holders), Rodrigo Sanchez (Smithfield-Selma), Jamie Sharp (Corinth Holders), Whitley Stevens (Smithfield-Selma), Nolan Stelzner (Cleveland), Jhavonte Moon (Cleveland), Joseph Williams-Piota (Smithfield-Selma)

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