Greater Neuse River 4A All-Conference lists

01/06/2014 3:43 PM

01/06/2014 3:45 PM

Boys Cross Country

Player of the Year: Kyle Christ (West Johnston)

Coach of the Year: Patrick Shaw (West Johnston)

All-Conference Team: Devin Anderson (East Wake), Stephen Balch (West Johnston), R.J. Brown (West Johnston), Justin Burkey (Garner), Johnathan Byrd (West Johnston), Kyle Christ (West Johnston), Klien Evans (Clayton), Khalil Gary (Southeast Raleigh), Adam Greco (West Johnston), Billy Knabe (Garner), John Loesch (Knightdale), Ian Mbogo (Knightdale), Jason Putman (Southeast Raleigh), Christian Ray (Knightdale), Alex Roy (Clayton), Nick Snell (Garner), Stephen Strong (Rolesville), Josh Talamantes (Garner), Ronaldo Waldron (Southeast Raleigh), Kaleb Wiggins (Harnett Central), Jayquan Williams (Southeast Raleigh), Robert Williams (Southeast Raleigh)

Sportsmanship Awards: Lane Adams (East Wake), Drew Bain (Harnett Central), Stephen Balch (West Johnston), Adam Bridges (Knightdale), Christian Grubbs (Southeast Raleigh), Andrew Hinson (Garner), Matthew Mims (Rolesville), Charlie Morgan (Clayton)

Boys Soccer

Defensive Player of the Year: Chase Jones (Clayton)

Offensive Player of the Year: Marco Perez (Garner)

Coach of the Year: John Sherwin (Garner)

All-Conference Team: John Adams (East Wake), John Atherholt (West Johnston), Taylor Betts (Knightdale), Hans Bierer (Rolesville), Luis Chavez (East Wake), Nick Christiansen (Clayton), Chris Clifford (Knightdale), Jason Dean (East Wake), Thomas Dinka (Garner), Laine Garrett (East Wake), Adam Gogal (Garner), Spencer Goodman (Harnett Central), Zach Hancock (Garner), Chase Jones (Clayton), Connor Jones (Clayton), Slavadore Joya (Garner), Cody Kamphuis (Garner), Jackson Keener (Clayton), Fred Nafukho (Southeast Raleigh), Alex Owens (Clayton), Marco Perez (Garner), Cesar Rodrigues (Southeast Raleigh), Brandon Sainz (Clayton), Frankie Tavera (Harnett Central), Bryson White (Garner), Blake Yoder (West Johnston), Alexis Zavala (Harnett Central)

Sportsmanship Awards: Andres Banuelos (Harnett Central), John Dulaghan (Southeast Raleigh), Drew Edwards (Clayton), Joseph Giroux (Garner), Henry Hagemann (Knightdale), Javier Mendoza (West Johnston), Wes Pritzlaff (Rolesville), Cody Staples (East Wake)


Player of the Year: Nyheim Hines (Garner)

Defensive Players of the Year: Rashan McKey (Clayton), Marcell Johnson (Knightdale)

Offensive Player of the Year: Marquavious Johnson (Knightdale)

Special Teams Players of the Year: Nick Christensen (Clayton), Alex Mattes (West Johnston)

Coach of the Year: Rob Senseney (Knightdale)

All-Conference Team: Justin Blango (Knightdale), KaMel Bloodworth (Knightdale), Evan Bradshaw (Clayton), Seth Brendle (Clayton), Raequan Britton (Garner), Jace Brown (Clayton), Sam Campbell (West Johnston), Lamont Chaney (Knightdale), Nick Christiansen (Clayton), Chris Elston (Garner), Trent Evans (East Wake), Antonio Gunter (Southeast Raleigh), Duncan Harris (Knightdale), Nathaniel Harvey (Knightdale), Nyheim Hines (Garner), Eric Hoy (Clayton), Brighton Hudson (Garner), Quincy Jackson (East Wake), Marcell Johnson (Knightdale), Marquavious Johnson (Knightdale), Gabe Lewis (Clayton), Jaymerson Lockley (Southeast Raleigh), Chris Malone (Knightdale), Sam Marsh (East Wake), Alex Mattes (West Johnston), Fred McDuffie (Southeast Raleigh), Marcus Maynard (East Wake), Rashan McKey (Clayton), Jay McNeil (Harnett Central), Aschod Meeks-Ewing (Southeast Raleigh), David Onyiego (Southeast Raleigh), Tyler Palochak (Knightdale), Mike Richardson (Knightdale), Damontay Rhem (East Wake), Najee Simpson (Garner), Brayden Sims (Garner), Terry Whitehead (Garner), Cameron Williams (West Johnston)

Sportsmanship Awards: Seth Brendle (Clayton), Darrius Bridgers (Southeast Raleigh), Jake DeSheilds (Knightdale), D.J. Epps (Garner), Tre Fredrick (West Johnston), D.J. Horton (East Wake). (Harnett Central choice not announced.)

Girls Cross Country

Player of the Year: Becky Meshaw (West Johnston)

Coach of the Year: Patrick Shaw (West Johnston)

All-Conference Team: Jasmin Allen (Southeast Raleigh), Kaelin Amaya (Clayton), Grace Bondurrant (Garner), Claudia Chavez (Harnett Central), Aleena Cruz (Knightdale), Victoria Despres (Rolesville), Lauren Hermane (West Johnston), Somer Jones (Harnett Central), Makenna Lykins (Harnett Central), Emma McLellan (Knightdale), Becky Meshaw (West Johnston), Nikki Nowell (East Wake), Patricia Patterson (West Johnston), Robin Pollard (West Johnston), Ebony Roberson (Southeast Raleigh), Rebecca Rogers (Garner), Carmen Tormey (Clayton), Ginny Tormey (Clayton), Veronica Villasuso (Clayton), Kayli Watson (Clayton), Taylor Wilkins (West Johnston), Rachael Willis (West Johnston)

Sportsmanship Awards: Alicia Beard (Southeast Raleigh), Bianca Betancourt (Knightdale), Coleen Grady (Garner), Taylor Johnson (West Johnston), Rachel Lyman (East Wake), Sarah Rebbeor (Clayton), Jessica Romero (Harnett Central), Alyssa Ryan (Rolesville)

Girls Golf

Player of the Year: Nicole Ceyrolles (Garner)

Coach of the Year: Connie Barnes (Garner)

All-Conference Team: Maryanna Bird (Clayton), Nicole Ceyrolles (Garner), Lauren Ceyrolles (Garner), Olivia Hall (Clayton), Preslee Honeycutt (West Johnston), Blair Koonce (West Johnston), Emily O’Neill (Garner), Monika Vidlickova (West Johnston)

Sportsmanship Awards: Katherine Dull (Clayton), Alexis Eaddy (Garner), Erin Giunco (Knightdale), Katelyn McLamb (West Johnston), Allyson Nowell (Rolesville), Allison Stilley (Southeast Raleigh). East Wake and Harnett Central winners not announced.

Girls Tennis

Player of the Year: Carmelle Joyner (Clayton)

Coach of the Year: Marshall Wortham (Harnett Central)

All-Conference Team: Logan Boykin (Clayton), Alyssa Clark (Garner), Maya Guha (Clayton), Hannah Hamlin (Garner), Sarah Hamlin (Garner), Rosalyn Hatlen (Knightdale), Jazaria Jackson (Southeast Raleigh), Carmelle Joyner (Clayton), Kalin Leuthold (Harnett Central), Bethany McGlyn (East Wake), Alexis Montague (East Wake), Elizabeth Pittman (Garner), Katherine Riley (Clayton), Katherine Serrell (West Johnston), Elezcia Singletary (Clayton), Lindsay Smith (Harnett Central), Nikroro Uzoho (Rolesville)

Sportsmanship Awards: Ebony Duell (Southeast Raleigh), Shelly Guo (Knightdale), Veronica McLean (West Johnston), Spencer Rich (Clayton), Bailey Roque (Garner), Nikroro Uzoho (Rolesville), Jackie West (East Wake), Michelle Wetherington (Harnett Central)


Player of the Year: Courtney Weathersbee (Garner)

Coach of the Year: Marlon Lee (Clayton)

All-Conference Team: Kirsten Bost (West Johnston), Caitlin Brown (East Wake), Kelsey Bryan (Garner), Heaven Harrell (Knightdale), Jenna Harris (Clayton), Ka’asha Jefferies (Garner), Brooke Kamphuis (Garner), Gabrielle Lee (Garner), Tiffany McCarter (Southeast Raleigh), Ashley Murphy (Clayton), Ali Orringer (Clayton), Kennedy Paine (Clayton), Madi Pentony (Harnett Central), Angel Rizor (East Wake), Ashley Stroot (Rolesville), Brianna Tyson (Southeast Raleigh), Delaney Vandergrift (Knightdale), Courtney Weathersbee (Garner)

Sportsmanship Awards: Brooke Applequist (West Johnston), Sandi Crumel (East Wake), Caitlin Davis (Clayton), Carson Edwards (Rolesville), Jill Headley (Southeast Raleigh), Nyah Hines (Garner), Natalie Stewart (Harnett Central), Sarah Woodard (Knightdale)

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