Greater Neuse River's all-conference picks for winter sports

03/27/2014 8:29 AM

02/15/2015 10:45 AM



Player of the year: Amber Richardson – SER

Coach of the Year: Nicole Meyers – SER

All Conference:

Alexus Hicks – SER

Amber Richardson – SER

Jade Phillips – SER

Tiffany McCarter – SER

Taisha Murphy – Cly

Jenna Harris – Cly

Kianna Wynn – EW

Angel Rizor– EW

Madison Turlington – HC

Taylor Snow – HC

Lovely Locklear – KHS

Mikaya Wilson – KHS

Khayani Chandler – GNR

Amber Courtney – GNR

Jarmeia Holder – WJ

Tanay Smith – WJ

Jaylin Powell – RLS


Rachel Maness – CLY

Ciera Williams – EW

Kelsey Bryan – GNR

Whitney Grady – HC

Kia Holden – KHS

Morgan Brown – RLS

Taiyana Hill – SER

Katelyn McLamb – WJ


Player of the year: Gary Clark – Clayton

Coach of the Year: Denny Medlin – Clayton

All Conference:

Julius Barnes – GNR

Kyrece Millss – GNR

Gary Clark – CLY

Jake Turner – CLY

Chris Dixon – CLY

Dawson Medlin – CLY

Demetrius Sanders – SER

William Walker – SER

Ronshad Allen-Shabazz – KHS

Daquan Lily – KHS

Cameron Williams – WJ

Nahjuwan Potts – EW

Quincy Jackson – EW

Bryan Canty – RLS

Anthony Staton – HC


Xavier Williams – CLY

Graham Zechmann – EW

Justin Baird – GNR

Khalil Dixon – HC

Antonio Watson – KHS

Fred Butler – RLS

Myles Harris – SER

John Graham – WJ


Player of the year: Matt Smothers – Garner

Coach of the Year: Stephanie Staton – West Johnston

All Conference:

Patrick Capps – KHS

Robert McCue – KHS

Jordan Nichols – KHS

Logan Anderson – KHS

Dylan Bobbitt – KHS

Matt Smothers – Grnr

Noel Buitrago – Grnr

Zack Leischner – Grnr

Corbin Hodges – Grnr

Andrew Green – Grnr

William Coghill – Grnr

Alex Duff – Cly

Ryan Worley – EW

Kyle Boyette – EW

Nathaniel Bettinghaus – Rlsvl

Gaige Graff – HC

Teagan Dorsch – SER

Dakota Stephens – WJ


Brandon Peake – Clayton

Erik Martinez – East Wake

Victor Muwanthi – Garner

Stephen Fryer – Harnett Central

Charlie Woodlief – Knightdale

Griffen Colucci – Rolesville

Alexander Hanamean – Southeast Raleigh

Jarrett Spann – West Johnston


Player of the year: Cara Martin – Clayton; Brenna Hardy – Knightdale

Coach of the Year: Marty Ringgold – Clayton

All Conference:

Katie Simpson – Cly

Meribeth Lamberth – Cly

Dominique Quintero – Cly

Cara Martin – Cly

Gina Joy – Cly

Chesley Neptune – Cly

Katherine Boumenot – Cly

Logan Boykin – Cly

Brenna Hardy – KHS

Emily Martin – Grnr

Jordan Reeves – Rlsvl

Faith Turner – WJ

Erin Martin – SER

Miranda Phillips – EW

Emily Blalock – HC


Carmen Tormey – Clayton

Staci Hunter – East Wake

Hanna Hamlin – Garner

Emily Blalock – Harnett Central

Kristin Olson – Knightdale

Erielle Baker – Rolesville

None Chosen – Southeast Raleigh

Kaitlin Brundidge – West Johnston


Player of the year: Sonny Joy Nelson – HC

Coach of the Year: Helen Cole – Garner

All Conference:

Keslee Snuggs – EW

Sarah Sullivan – EW

Daneshia Slade – KHS

Daniele Vest – KHS

Sarah Schindler – GR

Lacey Castora – GR

Chandler Powell – GR

Jessica Holloway – GR

Maya Harris – SER

Kelly Brabec – SER

Kasey Williams – CLY

Taylor Barbour – CLY

Sonny Joy Nelson – HC

Ansley Rae Laing – HC

Maddie Laing – HC

Ashtyn Zimmer – HC

Emma Watson – WJ

Madison Bell – WJ

Abby Pressley – WJ

Bailey Watson – RLS


Karen Villanueva – Clayton

Kanothy Wilkerson – East Wake

Devin Clark – Garner

Brittney Ballentine – Harnett Central

Kaniya Garvey – Knightdale

Kiaja McRae – Rolesville

Kaneisha Stitt – Southeast Raleigh

Ashley Dolin – West Johnston


Player of the year: Lauren Lushene – West Johnston

Coach of the Year: Lauren Ramsey – Clayton

All Conference:

Lauren Lushene – WJ

Hannah Flynn – WJ

Alex Raynor – HC

Sonney Nelson – HC

Nicole Pearce – HC

Madyson Scott – Cly

Kelsie Hembrick – SER

Lauren Rogers – Garner

Shayna Henley – Rolesville

Grayson Russell – East Wake

Sportsmanship: (Each School gets one pick)

No one selected – Clayton

No one selected – East Wake

Stephanie Chavez – Garner

Sonny Nelson – Harnett Central

DNC – Knightdale

Shayna Henley – Rolesville

Raven Cheatham – Southeast Raleigh

Hannah Flynn – West Johnston

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