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February 22, 2013

Newest Charlotte Bobcat Josh McRoberts likes being where he’s wanted

This moving around thing is getting to be standard practice for new Charlotte Bobcat Josh McRoberts.

This moving around thing is getting to be standard practice for new Charlotte Bobcat Josh McRoberts.

He ended last season with the Los Angeles Lakers before the off-season trade (the Dwight Howard deal) that shipped him to Orlando. Thursday the Magic dealt him to Charlotte, which will be his fifth NBA team. There were earlier stops in Portland and Indiana.

So the moving part is nothing new. It’s the sticking-in-one-place part he’d like to get right. So McRoberts was pleased to hear Friday that the Bobcats had been looking to acquire him for a while.

“It makes you feel good to hear they really want you, that they’ve been trying to get you for three years,” McRoberts said. “I’ll try to bring some energy. I’ll pick things up as I go, but I can help just through my energy.”

McRoberts was playing somewhat out of position in Orlando, mostly as a small forward. At 6-foot-10 and 240 pounds, he’s more comfortable closer to the basket. With all the Bobcats’ rebounding problems – they allow opponents 12.5 offensive boards per game – any assistance will be appreciated.

“I might not always put up numbers – points – that look flashy, but I do things that can help teams win – all facets of the game,” said McRoberts, who played two seasons at Duke before turning pro in 2007.

“I’m looking forward to getting in there in a place where I can grab rebounds. I played a lot in Orlando facing the basket. I’m glad to get back to more of my natural position – as a (power forward).”

McRoberts played at Duke for one season with the Bobcats’ Gerald Henderson and was with Ramon Sessions last season as a Laker. He says acquainting himself with a new team isn’t much of a challenge this deep into his career.

“I think it gets quicker every time,” McRoberts said. “The first time you go to a new place, you find yourself walking around on egg shells for a little bit. Now that I’ve moved around a lot, you already know players on each team. You get a little more comfortable at each stop.”

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