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NC House District 26
Candidate Johnston County
Leo Daughtry
R 18,941
NC House District 28
Candidate Johnston County
Brian Allen
D 4,746
James H. (J.H.) Langdon, Jr.
R 15,658
NC House District 29
Candidate Durham County
Larry D. Hall
D 18,130
NC House District 30
Candidate Durham County
Paul Luebke
D 13,442
Jason Chambers
R 7,393
NC House District 31
Candidate Durham County
H.M. (Mickey) Michaux
D 18,801
Patricia Ladd
R 6,102
NC House District 33
Candidate Wake County
Rosa U. Gill
D 18,426
Paul Terrell
R 5,262
NC House District 34
Candidate Wake County
Grier Martin
D 15,234
Steve Henion
R 12,886
NC House District 35
Candidate Wake County
Jennifer Weiss
D 13,144
Don Frantz
R 9,725
NC House District 36
Candidate Wake County
Robin Anderson
D 12,225
Nelson Dollar
R 17,477
NC House District 37
Candidate Wake County
Debra McHenry
D 14,028
Paul Stam
R 24,937
NC House District 38
Candidate Wake County
Deborah K. Ross
D 14,093
Madison E. Shook
R 7,382
NC House District 39
Candidate Wake County
Darren Jackson
D 16,870
Duane Cutlip
R 12,809
NC House District 40
Candidate Wake County
Violet Rhinehart
D 16,345
Marilyn Avila
R 27,686
NC House District 41
Candidate Wake County
Chris Heagarty
D 17,052
Tom Murry
R 19,736
NC House District 50
Candidate Orange County
Bill Faison
D 9,995
Rick Smith
R 7,606
NC House District 54
Candidate Chatham County Orange County
Joe Hackney
D 13,186 4,557
Cathy Wright
R 11,237 1,477
NC House District 55
Candidate Durham County
W.A. (Winkie) Wilkins
D 8,263
NC House District 56
Candidate Orange County
Verla Insko
D 17,737
NC Senate District 12
Candidate Johnston County
Jody McLeod
D 15,214
David Rouzer
R 31,996
NC Senate District 14
Candidate Wake County
Dan Blue
D 40,746
Geoffrey M. Hurlburt
R 21,067
NC Senate District 15
Candidate Wake County
Charles Malone
D 28,928
Neal Hunt
R 44,397
NC Senate District 16
Candidate Wake County
Josh Stein
D 32,248
Michael Beezley
R 24,466
Stephanie E. Watson
L 2,040
NC Senate District 17
Candidate Wake County
David Donovan
D 29,217
Richard Stevens
R 51,391
NC Senate District 18
Candidate Chatham County Durham County
Bob Atwater
D 13,095 19,272
Roger Gerber
R 11,170 7,441
NC Senate District 20
Candidate Durham County
Floyd B. McKissick, Jr.
D 38,309
John Tarantino
R 14,092
NC Senate District 23
Candidate Orange County
Ellie Kinnaird
D 31,508
Ryan A. Hilliard
R 13,745

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