Online Media

Yahoo! Partnership

The! partnership is part of the newspaper industry's most comprehensive and integrated online advertising network, resulting in a powerful new online solution for reaching the Triangle market.

We've joined with Yahoo!, the industry leader in capturing and understanding the online audience, to offer our advertisers banner advertising that is displayed whenever users in the Raleigh-Durham market open the Yahoo! site. As an advertiser, you'll benefit from Yahoo!'s sophisticated ad-serving, targeting and inventory management capabilities.

When you combine and Yahoo!, your advertising reaches up to 95 percent of online adults in the Raleigh-Durham market.* Get details here about banner ads on Yahoo! (large .pdf; may be slow to download) through the network.

Behavioral Targeting

The! partnership also offers you behavioral targeting on Yahoo! with 500+ behavioral categories (.xls) to choose from. Behavioral targeting follows users online to learn their interests, and delivers relevant advertisements when they are close to the point of purchase. Your ad becomes a call to action, with a click-through rate significantly higher than CPM buys.

Audience Targeting

And, for neighborhood-level reach through Yahoo!, add geographic targeting to behavioral targeting to create audience targeting (large .pdf; may be slow to download). With audience targeting, your ad goes to Yahoo! users who are interested in it and who reside within any combination you choose of our defined distribution areas: the 22 individual counties of the Raleigh-Durham DMA, The News & Observer's full-run home delivery area, the delivery areas of each of our nine community newspapers, the 15 zones available for front-page ad notes, and the three zoned-delivery areas of the Friday N&O – available all month.

We can put your message in front of the people you most want to see it in anywhere, anytime. Take advantage of this sophisticated and powerful tool today.

*Source: comScore Media Matrix, January-July 2011; 22-county Raleigh-Durham DMA, 18 and older.

Note: To download free Adobe Reader software necessary to view .pdf files, click here.