Online Media

E-mail Advertising

Precisely targeted audiences, personalized advertising messages and immediate feedback on response are just a few of the benefits e-mail advertising can provide for your business.

We offer two options to deliver your e-mail message:

Our Subscriber E-Mail Blasts (.pdf file) go only to readers who have opted-in to receive advertising via the Triangle Online Network, a group of consumers numbering more than 290,000. And we can hone our target further by ZIP code, ensuring that you, the advertiser, are reaching the audience most likely to shop at your establishment.

Our Micro-Targeted E-Mail Blasts (.pdf file) allow you to target your message to consumers, niche markets or other businesses - on a wide variety of attributes. This permission-based marketing option is an ideal way to target your message to a select group of people. Here is a sample of just some of the Consumer Selects (.pdf file) you can choose from. Our Business Selects (.pdf file) are a great option for your B-to-B marketing.

In addition to a customized message delivered directly to consumers who want it, interactive E-Mail Blasts can include live links to your Web site, bringing customers directly and immediately to you.

Whether a solo E-Mail Blast spotlighting your products and services, or a shared E-Mail Blast alerting readers to all that's available at a shopping center, shopping district or small town they've overlooked, e-mail advertising with provides a quick and cost-effective means for reaching your customers and potential customers directly.

By advertising in any of our 35 email newsletters (.pdf file) your business' ad can be seen alongside our news content that we email out to subscribers of that newsletter. With daily, weekly, and monthly sponsorship opportunities across all segments of our news coverage, there are a variety of email newsletters available to meet your marketing objectives. Email newsletter sponsorships are also a great complement to your banner campaign on our websites, for maximum impact.

Note: To download free Adobe Reader software necessary to view .pdf files, click here.