Frequently asked questions about our new site

Q: Why change the site?

A: Two main reasons: Convenience and speed. Digital technology and readership habits change constantly. We’re updating our systems to make our content work well on all digital platforms. This site now automatically scales its content for best presentation on whatever device you are using — desktop, laptop, tablet or phone. The new systems also allow us to post news faster, and to load it more quickly to your device. And we hope the layout is a little less cluttered, with more features that enhance the news and several that might enhance your daily life — including comics, games and puzzles.

Q: Will I need to register my account again?

A: No. Your subscriptions and accounts still work.

Q: Where is the e-edition?

A: On a desktop or laptop, you can find a link to the e-edition — our enhanced digital replica of the printed News & Observer — under the Home button in the horizontal menu at the top of any page. On an iPad, you can download the e-edition app in the Apple store (search for “News & Observer e-edition”). You can subscribe to the e-edition by clicking here.

Q: Do you have games and puzzles?

A. Yes. We’ve added them. You’ll find a daily crossword, Sudoku, Jumble and many more here, and under Living in the main horizontal menu at the top of any page.

Q: What about comics?

A. We’ve added those, too — 70 of them. You’ll find them here, and under Living in the main horizontal menu at the top of any page.

Q: Where are the obituaries?

A: They have returned to our main site menu. On a desktop or laptop, they’re in the horizontal menu at the top of any page. On a tablet or phone, just open the main menu by tapping the icon (those three horizontal lines) at the top of the window, and you’ll see them.

Q: Where do I find the community sites?

A: They’ve been merged into our main site and streamlined; we hope they’re easier to navigate. Click on the Communities link in our main menu, and you’ll find our 10 community sites, along with triangle.com, ArtsNow and TriangleMom2Mom.

Q: Something I like has moved, and I can’t find it. What do I do?

A: Go to the search window at the top of any page, and type in a keyword or two; the more specific the better. (This is also a good way to find stories you remember seeing from, say, last week or last year.) If you still can't find what you want, browse the main menu at the top of each page or ask for our help using the feedback form on our Customer Service page.

Q: Why did you change the nameplate on your site?

A: There’s no prouder name in public service in this part of the country than “The News & Observer.” We want you to know who we are, and that we’re proud to inherit the N&O legacy. We are The News & Observer, no matter where or how you read us. Our URL, though, still begins with “newsobserver.com” — the Internet doesn’t love our ampersand as much as we do.

Q: I have my favorite sections or pages bookmarked. Will those bookmarks still work?

A: Yes. We did remove some redundant sections, however, so you may need to update one or two.

Q: Where do I find photo galleries and video?

A: Our latest photo galleries and videos are displayed in their relevant sections. Want to watch Canes coach Bill Peters’ postgame comments? Check our Sports section or, even better, our Carolina Hurricanes section, which is listed under Sports in the main menu at the top of every page.

Q: Where did my favorite blog go?

A: Links to blogs and columns can be found under their relevant sections in the main menu. Look under Politics, for instance, to find the Under the Dome blog.

Q: How can I share your stories and photo galleries on my social media pages?

A: On every story or gallery page if you’re on a desktop or laptop, above the headline, you’ll see icons for sharing to Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Hover over the fourth icon, the circle with the arrow, and you’ll see links to share the page on LinkedIn, Pinterest or Reddit, and links to email, print or request a reprint of the page. On mobile devices, you’ll see similar options at the top of each story.

Q: I'm using an older browser. Will that make a difference in what the site looks like?

A: You'll have the best experience on our site by using Firefox 21 and above, Internet Explorer 8 and above, Chrome 27 and above and Safari 6.05 and above. (In fact, you’ll have a better digital experience in general if you update your browsers.)

Q: I need a story from the past. How do I find it?

A: Type some keywords for the story you're looking for in the search box at the top right of every page (click the magnifying glass icon). The more specific your keywords, the better. If the story is still available, you should find it that way. Most stories are available on our site for a few weeks. Older stories are available for a small fee at our archive. If you need help, go to our Customer Service page by clicking here or looking at the top left of any page, and ask for an assist using our feedback form.

Q: How do I order a subscription to the newspaper, or manage my subscription?

A: Click the "Subscribe" link in the upper left corner of any page. You also can call our audience development department at 800-522-4205.

Q: How do I place a classified ad?

A: Click the "Place ad" link under "Classifieds" in the main horizontal menu at the top of any page.

Q: How do I find classified ads?

A: Click the "Classifieds" link in the main horizontal menu at the top of any page.

Q: How can I send a letter to the editor?

A: Click on "Submit a Letter" under "Opinion" in the main horizontal menu at the top of any page.

Q: How do I make a suggestion, offer a comment or ask a question about the new site?

A: Please go to our Customer Service page by clicking here, or by looking for the link at the top left of our site pages. Give us your feedback using the form we have posted there. We'd like to hear from you.