‘Saturday Night Live’ laid the foundation for Tim Meadows’ career. The comic-actor is still scoring roles.

Tim Meadows, former star of “Saturday Night Live” and currently of “The Goldbergs,” will perform this weekend at Goodnights in Raleigh.
Tim Meadows, former star of “Saturday Night Live” and currently of “The Goldbergs,” will perform this weekend at Goodnights in Raleigh. Contributed

When Alec Baldwin looked back at his days hosting “Saturday Night Live” in his memoir, he waxed about the brilliance of the SNL writers. “I think I’m a funny guy, but my funniest joke was not as funny as the worst joke that came from the SNL writers,” Baldwin wrote.

Actor-comic Tim Meadows understands how talented those “SNL” writers and performers are. He was part of the cast from 1991 to 2000.

“Being part of that show for a decade was so special,” Meadows says while calling from Los Angeles. “The writers are so talented, and I worked with so many great entertainers. It had such an impact on me.”

His favorite performers were the late Chris Farley and Phil Hartman. “They were both just so gifted,” Meadows says. “It was fun working with both of those guys and everyone else in that cast. When I left the show, I was ready for anything.”

Anything includes prolific film and television work as well as stand-up. Meadows, 57, will perform Feb. 9 and 10 at Goodnights Comedy Club, cracking wise about personal relationships and politics.

“Regarding what’s going on politically, how can you not talk about it?” Meadows says. “Every day, something interesting or strange is happening. It’s a good time to be a comedian since there is always something to joke about.”

Off stage, his film credits include “The Ladies Man,” “The Cookout,” “Benchwarmers,” “Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story” and the critically acclaimed “Mean Girls” from “SNL” alum Tina Fey.

“A couple of those films featured other ‘SNL’ alums,” Meadows said. “I had a lot of fun with ‘Benchwarmers’ with David (Spade). Tina Fey was behind ‘Mean Girls,’ which is an amazing movie.”

Meadows, 57, is a regular on television, having appeared in the short-lived “Michael Richards Show,” “The Bill Engvall Show” and “Marry Me.” The latter, a 2014 sitcom, in which Meadows co-starred with Dan Bucatinsky, Casey Wilson and Ken Marino, scored good reviews, though it only lasted one season. Meadows played a gay father.

“I loved doing that show since I was working with Dan, who is very talented,” he said. “It was such a blast just to be around him every day on the set. It was something different for me. I never played a gay character before. All was good until it ended. But the great thing for me is that when a show ends or a movie is finished, I have stand-up.”

Meadows now has a recurring role in the ABC sitcom “The Goldbergs,” in which he plays a high school guidance counselor. “I don’t know what it is about me that gets me these high school school roles,” Meadows says. “I guess I look like someone who would work at a school.”

Meadows also starred in the live-action/animation show “Son of Zorn” opposite of Cheryl Hines and Jason Sudeikis.

“I’ve been really fortunate,” Meadows says. “I’m always working. I enjoy it all.”

Meadows is adjusting to being a divorced dad with children. “It makes it interesting when you’re dating,” he says. “It’s not exactly a good thing to pull up with a mini-van with two child seats. I’ll be explaining my situation and all of a sudden (the date) walks out the door. ‘Is the date over already? Where are you going?’ 

That said, it’s also difficult to date because his career keeps him pretty busy. Meadows jumps from one project to the next, which is different from his “SNL” experience.

“I was the second longest-running player from the show next to Darrell Hammond, but that’s all changed over recent years,” he said. “There are people in the cast now that have been part of it longer than I was. ‘SNL’ laid the foundation for me. I was off and running when I left and I’m still going strong.”


Who: Tim Meadows

Where: Goodnights Comedy Club, 861 W. Morgan St., Raleigh

When: 8 p.m. Feb. 8; 7:30 and 10 p.m. Feb. 9 and 10

Tickets: $18 on Feb. 8, $22 on Feb. 9 and $25 on Feb. 10

Info: 919-828-5233 or goodnightscomedy.com