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Confounded by the array of acts in this 75th season bonanza? Here are a few suggestions, depending on your whims.

"Connect Transfer," Shen Wei's marriage of visual art and dance (Thursday-Saturday); John Jasperse's "Pure," an exploration of truth and lies (June 16-18); "Razor: Mirror," Pilobolus' humorous look at madness (June 19-21); Ronald K. Brown's excerpt from "Walking Out the Dark," about the inability to reach out to someone in need, and Doug Varone's "Home," about sharing a life (July 7-9).

Alvin Ailey's "Revelations," set to spirituals (Thursday-Saturday); "Mourner's Bench," Talley Beatty's look at racism, set to the spiritual "There Is a Balm in Gilead" (June 8-10); "Rapture," by Dervish dancer Khadija Marcia Radin (June 24-25); "Sweet Fields," Twyla Tharp's homage to the Shakers, by the Aspen Santa Fe Ballet (July 3-5).

"Steps in the Streets," an excerpt from Graham's 1936 "Chronicle," a response to growing fascism in Europe (June 26-28); "Changes," Paul Taylor's new piece reminiscing on 1960s radicalism (July 3-5).

"The Moor's Pavane," a condensation of Shakespeare's "Othello" (Limón Dance Company, June 8-10); "Present Tense," an aerial dance set to a John Cage score (Trisha Brown, June 12-14); Ririe-Woodbury's "Crucible," which creates illusions using reflective materials, and "Tensile Involvement," using a grid of elastic bands (June 12-14); "Rust," a dramatic dance with a chain-link fence by Eiko & Koma (June 16-18); Pilobolus' new co-creation with puppeteer Basil Twist (June 19-21); Aydin Teker's crazy-shoe dance "aKabi" and Maguy Marin's "serious funhouse" "Umwelt" (June 24-25); Meredith Monk's opera "Education of the Girlchild" (July 10-12); "Shinju ten no Amijima," by Teruko Fujisato, based on a centuries-old tale about the wife of a cheating husband (July 18-19).

"Nocturne," Martha Clarke's solo meditation on aging (Pilobolus, June 19-21); veteran dancers Carmen deLavallade and Gus Solomons Jr. as Paradigm (June 30-July 2).

"Another Evening: Serenade/The Proposition," by Bill T. Jones (July 10-12); "Education of the Girlchild," sung and danced by Meredith Monk (July 10-12); Laura Dean's "Tympani," featuring Dean's tympani and piano score, part of the Past/Forward program (July 14-16).

"Mirror Image," by Larry Keigwin for Paradigm, featuring Billy Idol's "Dancing with Myself" (June 30-July 2); "Changes," by Paul Taylor, featuring songs by Lennon and McCartney, Papa John Phillips and John Hartford (July 3-5); "Caught," by David Parsons, set to a score by guitarist Robert Fripp (Thursday-Saturday); "Accumulation," set to the Grateful Dead's "Uncle John's Band," and "Spanish Dance," set to Bob Dylan singing "Early Morning Rain," by Trisha Brown (June 12-14); Twyla Tharp's "Sinatra Suite," by the Aspen Santa Fe Ballet (July 3-5).

Tired of your New York and San Fran pals talking about how they saw such and such before the rest of the world? ADF has 11 world premieres and five U.S. premieres. All together now: nyah-nyah.