Triangle Reads: What local book clubs are up to

“A Gathering of Old Men” by Ernest J. Gaines.
“A Gathering of Old Men” by Ernest J. Gaines.

The Zealous Readers Book Club formed in Raleigh in October 2011 and has 13 active members, according to club member Felicia Stanley.

Tell us about your club. We read fiction, both current and classic. We also read humor, mystery, sci-fi, romance or self-help. Club members each take a turn as meeting facilitators, and the facilitator chooses where the meeting is located, although it is typically held at her home or restaurant of choice. The hosting member selects the book of the month and communicates this to the ZRBC email distribution list. She then sends out the monthly reminders of the meeting specifics, provides the appetizers for the meeting, and is responsible for facilitating the meeting. Meetings last two to four hours and typically consist of a social hour, administrative matters, club member highlights, book-related games, and book discussion.

What are you reading now? “A Gathering of Old Men,” by Ernest J. Gaines

What is your club’s favorite book? Our favorite novel by far was “The Family Business,” by Carl Weber and Eric Pete

What’s unique about your club? It is mandatory that our members contribute to the community either individually or as a group by way of monetary donations or volunteer activity.

How to join: We are seeking other professional women who enjoy reading books that awaken their imagination and who are interested in meeting and networking with other professional women; self development; and community involvement. Contact Felicia Stanley at

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