Triangle Reads: What local book clubs are up to

“La liste de mes envies” by Grégoire Delacourt (“The List of My Desires”).
“La liste de mes envies” by Grégoire Delacourt (“The List of My Desires”).

Le Salon Français is a group of about a dozen French teachers from Wake County Public Schools who get together to practice the language and to stay in touch with modern writers, according to club member Roland Menestres.

When and where do you meet? We meet at Panera Bread in North Hills on a Tuesday night at 4 p.m., six times a school year.

Tell us about your club. A couple of us pre-read several potential books and help pick one for the following year. We select only one book per school year to give us time for the discussions and, especially, to reduce the amount of time needed to prep for the next reading. A teacher’s load is already so heavy we did not want to add to it; we wanted it to be a learning experience and a pleasure, not a chore. Our meetings, depending on the day, may start with some good “school stories” experienced by some of our colleagues, then we each read a chapter aloud, followed by discussion, explanation, or related, shared experience. The whole thing is conducted in French.

What are you reading now? “La liste de mes envies,” by Grégoire Delacourt (“The List of My Desires”)

What is your club’s favorite book? “L’élégance du Hérisson,” by Muriel Barbery (“The Elegance of the Hedgehog”)

What’s unique about your club? Our club is a mix of active and recently retired French teachers who enjoy going to levels of reading, discussion and sharing that is not always possible in class (except in Advanced Placement). This allows us to remain current on what goes on in French language, culture and literature while sharing some of the camaraderie we do not often have time for in our classroom.

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