Warrior fans respond

Fifth-graders Sarah Wygel and Rory Gahagan and sixth-grader Michelle West all attend Resurrection Lutheran in Cary, and they are all Warrior fans. Last August, they realized each was reading the Warrior books, and they began to meet for monthly sleepovers where they discuss the books they're reading, talk about their favorite characters and learn new things about Warriors on the Web site ( They call themselves Mistclan, and each girl has chosen a cat name: Sarah is Spiderclaw, Rory is Flamestripe, Michelle is Amberstar.

All the girls love cats and the books' adventure and suspense. Sarah's favorite character is Firestar, who overcame his weak reputation to become a leader. Rory admires Squirrelfight because she's so much fun, and Michelle's favorite is Jaypaw because he doesn't let his blindness keep him from succeeding.