Kid's advice for kids

Ellis was most impressed with the children's coping strategies. "Sometimes as adults we forget what it's like to be happy and all our activities are geared to perpetuating unhappiness. When you're a kid, you want to be happy, so they did things to make themselves happy."

Some suggestions offered by Ellis' interviewees:

Don't overdramatize. You'll just make it harder on yourself. Find someone to trust if you need to talk to someone.

Just roll along with it. Pretend it's a normal part of your life.

It's OK to cry and be sad.

I do my best to keep my mind on other things, like my dreams and what I need to do.

I wrote in a diary a lot. It was an outlet for what I was thinking and feeling.

We made a new routine when Dad left, and found new things to do.

Keep your mind on good things. You'll get through it easier.

Don't get upset. Write letters and send packages to your parent.

Do the things you like the most. It will make the time go faster and you'll have something to talk about when your parent gets home.

Watch a movie or do something to clear your mind