Reading becomes the great escape

Kim Andersen is an archivist, historian, musician, hiker, runner, outdoors enthusiast, wine enthusiast, and lifelong North Carolinian.

Recommended read: What We Become” by Arturo Perez-Reverte. It is not only a great story spanning continents and generations, it has amazing character development and emotional depth. Centered around music and dance – specifically tango – it is an adventure that reveals the wide range of possibilities in the human condition – failings, triumphs, love, loss, redemption, chaos, peace – it is a delicacy and a powerhouse of a book.

Currently reading:Descartes’ Bones: A Skeletal History of the Conflict Between Faith and Reason” by Russell Shorto

Who or what taught you to love to read? From an early age I used books and reading to escape from the mundane and perceived horrors of growing up in Rockingham. Our public library was also a cool oasis on hot summer days. I could ride my bicycle there, so throughout my childhood I spent many summer hours in the library just reading whatever I found.

What favorite book from childhood have you kept? “Little Farmer of the Midwest” by Madeline Brandeis.

What is your favorite reading memory? Finding “On the Road” by Jack Kerouac and reading it in the library the summer after eighth grade and it literally changed my life.

What is your favorite book that nobody's heard of? “A Dance to the Music of Time” series by Anthony Powell.

Where do you go for book recommendations? Libraries and friends!

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What We Become

Arturo Perez-Reverte

Atria Books, 464 pages