Triangle Reads: What local book clubs are up to

John Martin of the Mostly Social Book Club describes it as “more fun than serious.” The group formed while members were working at IBM and have stayed together through job changes and retirements.

When and where do you meet? We meet once a month, usually on the third Sunday, rotating among the Brier Creek, Cary Crossroads and Streets of Southpoint Panera Bread restaurants.

Tell us about your club. We’re over 20 years old, having first met in 1992, and have five members. We’ve read all kinds of books – classics, professional development, self-help, mystery, drama, adventure and even a couple of romance novels. We rotate through the group choosing books, preferring that a book already be read by the person choosing it. We usually just go around the group sharing what we did and did not like about the book. A list of books we’ve read is at

What are you reading now? “Room,” by Emma Donoghue

What is your club’s favorite book? “The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks,” by Rebecca Skloot; “The Great Gatsby,” by F. Scott Fitzgerald; and “South of Broad,” by Pat Conroy.

What’s unique about your club? We’re called mostly social, because we prioritize enjoying each other’s company over a rigorous reading schedule, but we average reading about five books a year. We actually started the club as a fun way to get in some professional development, which IBM encouraged us to do to enhance our careers, but didn’t explicitly allot time for. Our very first book was Stephen Covey’s “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.”

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Emma Donoghue

Little, Brown, 321 pages