Author recommends a story of redemption

Jan Hemby is an inspirational speaker, blogger, and author of the Christian fiction novel “The Gates Manor Band.”

Recommended read: The Shack” by William Paul Young. As an author, I understand the challenges of penning a story about redemption. While it’s necessary to present authentic brokenness so that the restoration process can achieve its full impact, too much emphasis on darkness creates a dark mood. Young does a brilliant job of keeping the spotlight off the problem and on the Problem-Solver. It’s one of the most beautiful depictions of redemption I’ve seen in contemporary literature.

Currently reading:Dandelion on Fire” by Sherry Torgent.

Who taught you to love to read? I have to give credit to my elementary school teachers. From day one they emphasized and encouraged reading. In fact, in the third grade I received an award for reading the most books in my class, 171 to be exact! I still have the Certificate of Achievement in my keepsakes.

What favorite book from childhood have you kept?Frederick” by Leo Lionni. It’s the classic story of a mouse whose contribution to his community during the winter months was not food, but his gift of telling stories. I can relate to Frederick better now than I could as a child. I’d much rather write books than cook!

What is your favorite reading memory? It’s a tie between reading to my children when they were young and reading to them now. I have memories of sleepy eyes fighting to stay awake until the end of a bedtime story. Now that they’re grown – and I’m an author – I have the unique opportunity of sharing with them material I’m currently working on. We’re still creating memories.

What is your favorite book that nobody’s heard of?Tyrants and Traitors” by Joshua McHenry Miller.

What movie was better than the book? Charlotte’s Web (1973). Hearing Debbie Reynolds doing the voice of Charlotte almost made me like spiders. Almost.

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The Shack

William Paul Young

Windblown Media, 256 pages