Triangle Reads: What local book clubs are up to

The members of the T-Rex Book Club in Wakefield feel that the dinosaur of the same name represents them well, says club member Sue Manfreda.

When and where do you meet? We meet every other month in the afternoon at a member’s home. Everyone brings appetizers or a bottle of wine and we spend the first part of the meeting socializing and getting through the small talk. Once everyone is settled down, we get into the serious business with a book discussion that is always informative and entertaining.

Tell us about your club. We started out as members of the Rex Wellness Center in Wakefield. We formed the T-Rex Social Club in 2009 as a way to bond with other members who share the same desire to stay healthy and fit as we grow older. The T-Rex Book Club evolved shortly thereafter with the notion that along with the physical exercise for a healthy body, we also wanted to exercise and expand our minds.

What are you reading now? “Lila” by Marilynne Robinson

What is your club’s favorite book? “All the Light We Cannot See” by Anthony Doerr

What’s unique about your club? Many times people ask why we are called The T-Rex Club, as this conjures up the ancient Tyrannosaurus Rex, the largest and fiercest dinosaur in the world. Well, that about sums up who we are – give or take a few years – along with the fact that we all belong to the Rex Wellness Center. Since most of us have read many of the past best-sellers over the years, we try to ride the current with what is popular right now, so we choose our books as we go along by checking best-seller lists and what other book clubs are reading. It is always fun to discover a friend or family member in another city is reading the same book we are, and thus another book discussion just might ensue on a personal level.

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Marilynne Robinson

Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 261 pages