Apex artist’s new book is a guide to drawing faces

Karen Campbell of Apex, an artist and owner of Cool Mama Crafts, has added author to her resume. “How to Draw Fun, Fab Faces” (Amazon) is a full-color, step-by-step guide to drawing and coloring female faces. (There’s a link to drawing “dude” faces, as well.)

“I wrote the whole manuscript by hand,” said Campbell, who counts drawing and painting faces as her personal obsession.“Honestly, it just wrote itself. The whole book was written in Sharpie and markers.”

Readers can tune in to her YouTube channel for a visual tutorial while working through the book. For even more help, there’s an e-course to go along with the book that Campbell developed while waiting for the proof to arrive.

“People want to be able to draw but are embarrassed or self-conscious. I wanted to make it accessible,” Campbell said.

“I want to do more books. That’s my next step.”

First timers

“Secrets of Gray Lake” (Anaphora Literary Press) is the first novel for Rebecca Duncan, a professor of English at Meredith College. Set in the 1980s, it is the story of recent college graduates finding their way in a small town on one of the Great Lakes.

Triangle writer Lloyd Burner celebrated his 90th birthday in 2015 by publishing his first book. “My ABCs of Life: Apply Them for Greater Success in Yours” (Tate Publishing) is a compilation of the principles and lessons that he has learned along the way.

“Casey’s Last Chance” (Sartoris Literary Group) is the debut novel for Sanford native Joseph B. Atkins. The gritty tale unfolds against the backdrop of the race-torn 1960s South. Casey Eubanks is a small-town North Carolina hustler on the run after an argument with his girlfriend leaves his cousin dead.

New titles

“Worlds Between” (Light Messages Publishing) is the second in Durham author Carl Nordgren’s “River of Lakes” series, a tale about the power of dreams and the dangers of ghosts. Nordgren is an instructor at Duke University.

Frank McBride of Chapel Hill provides inside tips for travelers in his guidebook, “Paris Optimizer 2016: Your Best Use of Time and Money in the City of Light” (Aventurier Publishing).

North Carolina author Mariah Burne’s “Flye on the Wall” (Kingman Row Entertainment) is the story of 13-year-old Flye Shannahan’s struggles in a new school. When she hides from bullies in an undiscovered room, she is able to hear conversations all over the school building. One conversation reveals a sinister and deadly plan.

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