Cary writer’s geopolitical thriller grounded in experience

Cary resident Victor Watts has written “Armageddon Dawning.”
Cary resident Victor Watts has written “Armageddon Dawning.” BookBaby

When Victor Watts was hired as CEO of a personal protection and safety company founded by FBI Academy graduates and senior police officials, he entered a unique arena.

“Becoming immersed in terrorist threat scenario planning and being introduced to thought leaders on the subject … provided insights that few common mortals like myself ever have the chance to see,” he said.

“Armageddon Dawning” (BookBaby), a suspense thriller with a blend of prescient real-world geopolitical thinking, biblical prophesies and CIA operations, is the fruit of Watts’ experiences. Gen. David L. Grange, a North Carolinian and retired Delta Force commander, served as Watts’ adviser and penned the foreword.

Watts says his background “led me to believe that I had a unique opportunity to intertwine these dynamic elements of reality into compelling works of fiction. The challenge was to make it engaging.”

A Cary resident, Watts currently manages a small consulting business.

New titles

In time for Father’s Day, professional storyteller Donald Davis has released “Cripple Joe: Stories From My Daddy” (John F. Blair). In this new collection, Davis shares lessons learned and hilarious moments shared between father and son while living in the mountains of North Carolina. Davis, who spent 20 years as a minister in the United Methodist Church before turning to storytelling full time, now lives on Ocracoke Island.

In his novel “The Declaration” (Echo Lake Books), William Hirsch considers what might happen when a president sees himself as above the law. Says Hirsch: “If you are like me, and wonder just how much more divided the country could get before something cataclysmic happens, then here is your answer.” Hirsch, an architect, lives in Moore County.

“Stopping the Noise in Your Head” (HCI Books) by Reid Wilson differentiates between worry that can lead to problem-solving and anxious worrying that can cause retreat and avoidance. In his sixth self-help book on anxiety disorders, Wilson focuses on how to move into action while your mind and body are signaling you to back away. Wilson is director of the Anxiety Disorders Treatment Center in Chapel Hill and is adjunct professor of psychiatry at the UNC School of Medicine.


Apex author Heather Blanton is hosting a fundraiser June 21 at the Pittsboro Roadhouse and General Store to celebrate the launch of her newest book, “A Promise in Defiance” (Rivulet Publishing). It’s the third in a series of Christian romances set in the West. They are available as ebooks on Amazon. Proceeds from the event will go to the Family Violence and Rape Crisis Services in Chatham County.

For writers

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