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Reader poll: Who is The Greatest Bluegrass Artist?

Bluegrass has a few points of agreement among partisans, starting (and pretty much ending, honestly) with Bill Monroe’s stature as “Father of Bluegrass.” He’s the one most everyone agrees got it started long ago.

Assert anything else, however, and you’re asking for an argument. And you know us: We love arguments.

So here’s a heck of an argument-starter: Who is The Greatest Bluegrass Artist?

To that end, we present this year’s IBMA reader poll to determine once and for all (or at least right now) who is the style’s greatest artist. Bluegrass Today actually beat us to the punch with this back in March, with a “March MASHness” poll timed to coincide with the NCAA Basketball Tournament.

But nobody has ever accused us of knowing when to quit, so we decided to go Bluegrass Today one better – or rather, 32 better, with an expanded field of twice as many acts. Being fans of home cooking, we’ve added a fair amount of acts with North Carolina ties to make up the field of 64; and about one-third of our total field will be playing in Raleigh during this year’s World of Bluegrass festivities.

That commences on Sept. 27, but don’t wait. Start voting now, and check back often. Preview our bracket on page 12D and then go to to vote online. A winner will be selected at random and the grand prize, courtesy of Great Outdoor Provision Co., is a kayak.

David Menconi: 919-829-4759, @NCDavidMenconi