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Kat Robichaud kickstarts her way past “The Voice”

From crowd-surfing to crowd-funding: Kat Robichaud on “The Voice.”
From crowd-surfing to crowd-funding: Kat Robichaud on “The Voice.” Courtesy of NBC

When last heard from back in November, Raleigh rock singer Kat Robichaud had cracked the top-10 of the singing-competition show “The Voice.” And while she went no further than that on the show, Robichaud did come away from it with a nice public profile as this season’s “rocker girl” - and also with connections to friends in high places, including Amanda Palmer.

For her next move, Robichaud is trying to raise money to make an album with a Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign similar to the one Palmer used to raise almost $1.2 million in 2012. Robichaud has a more modest fund-raising goal of $20,000, and it’s off to a fast start. She’s already more than halfway there after just one day, with 240 backers pledging an impressive $14,432 as of Tuesday morning. But Robichaud hopes to go well past the set goal to make the “theatrical rock explosion album” she has in mind.

“We’re hoping to make more than our goal,” she says. “Twenty-thousand is the bare-bones minimum of a good album, and I would love it to be epic.”

All right, you heard the woman: Check it out.

FINAL UPDATE (3/5/14): One month later, Kat Robichaud's Kickstarter campaign closed with a total of $42,583 -- more than double her original goal.