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Rock Picks: Pop act Austra brings ‘Future Politics’ to Motorco

Austra front-woman Katie Stelmanis.
Austra front-woman Katie Stelmanis.

Whether or not Austra front-woman Katie Stelmanis meant it literally, her new album’s title “Future Politics” (Domino Records) is kind of perfect – almost as perfect as how its music seems to capture this particular political, cultural and emotional moment. The 11 chilly electronic-pop tracks on “Future Politics” are energetic, over which Stelmanis sings in a voice that sounds both remote and shellshocked, in a crawling-from-the-wreckage kind of way. At an uneasy time when wide swaths of people here and abroad are trying to decide if our current “morning” should have a “u” in there, “Future Politics” sounds like exactly what should be playing on the dance floor. Austra is coming to Durham to play Motorco Music Hall on Sunday, with Foxture also on the bill.

Showtime is 8 p.m.and tickets are $17-$20. See motorcomusic.com for details.

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