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Happy Valentine’s Day from Floating Children

Floating Children, a manic alternative-pop band whose heyday was the late 1980s in Chapel Hill, reconvened last summer after a decades-long hiatus to play at a benefit show for the Be Loud! Sophie Foundation. And rather than leaving it as a one-off event, they’ve kept the band going with some actual new recordings and accompanying videos.

One of them is seasonally appropriate on this 14th of February, “Valentine Unsent (Everybody’s Love Song),” from a pair of songs they recorded at Greg Elkins’ Pershing Hill Sound. Filmed at downtown Raleigh nightspot Deep South The Bar, the video features local luminaries including Daniel Chavis (co-leader of the band The Veldt) and singer Rose Higgins - plus boundary-crossing love of various kinds.

Jeffro Holshouser (of Hank Sinatra fame) and Billy Warden handle the vocals. And it’s dedicated to two members of the band’s circle who have passed on: super-fan Steve Akin, who died in 2014; and original Floating Children drummer Alan Heller, who died in a 1989 car accident.

“That song’s really kind of out of character for the band,” says the 50-year-old Warden. “But we all had a couple of things on our mind, and it seemed like we should try to do something more reflective than our usual hooting-and-hollering party cosmos. The world has seemed like such a mess for the past year, so it’s comforting to look inside your heart and take control of that much, at least. In the world of our own hearts, at least, we’re all still in the driver’s seat.”

David Menconi: 919-829-4759, @NCDavidMenconi