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Sing the National Anthem at a Durham Bulls game

Ask anybody who has ever tried to sing it in public, and they’ll tell you there’s no harder song to pull off than “The Star-Spangled Banner.” Nevertheless, if you’re of a mind to get in touch with your inner patriotic diva in front of a crowd of strangers, here’s your chance.

The Durham Bulls’ baseball season is approaching, with opening day scheduled for April 7, and they’re looking for victims...er, volunteers to sing the National Anthem before each home game. So the team is conducting National Anthem Auditions at the ballpark on the morning of March 12, seeking singers for select dates of this year’s 72-game home schedule in Durham.

It’s on a “first come, first sing” basis, with each contestant getting 90 seconds to perform “The Star-Spangled Banner.” Requirements include performing it from memory, and in “a traditional style.” So I guess this won’t be the time to try out your radical deconstruction, cool thought it may be.

Check here for details (or call 919-956-BULL, extension 2), and good luck.

David Menconi: 919-829-4759, @NCDavidMenconi