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Chaat cheat sheet

Nervous about getting into a chaat session in a foreign language? Clip this list and take it with you to order like a native.

Aloo: potato.

Batata: potato (synonym for aloo).

Bhel: "rice crispies" mixed with chutneys.

Chaat: Indian snack foods.

Chowpatty: not a veggie burger but the name of a beach in Bombay, famous for its many chaat shops.

Dahi: yogurt.

Falooda: thin, sweet rice noodles.

Kheema: spicy ground meat preparation, usually lamb; vegetarian kheema substitutes soy beans for meat.

Khus: sweet, fragrant syrup made from the root of a tropical plant.

Kulfi: Indian ice cream whose texture is more icy than creamy.

Lassi: yogurt drink.

Paav: (wheat) dinner roll.

Puri: pastries with sweet-savory (and often spicy) fillings.

Sabza: basil seeds.

Sev: thin, crispy fried noodles made from chickpea flour.

Vada: fritter.