Pittsboro's Goathouse Refuge to be featured on 'Today' show

The Goathouse Refuge, a unique 16-acre cat sanctuary located outside of Pittsboro, will be featured on the "Today" show Thursday morning.

According to the Goathouse Refuge website, the segment will air in the second half-hour of the show, but the website also says "Today" airs at 8 a.m. -- it actually starts at 7 a.m. So just to be safe, you might want to record the whole show to make sure you get it.

"Today" airs locally on WNCN (also known as NBC-17).

The Goathouse Refuge gained national attention earlier this year when they were featured in a beautifully written front page story in The New York Times.

The News & Observer wrote about the sanctuary's role in helping local autistic children in May of 2012 and again this January for a story about animal advocates working to reduce euthanasia rates for cats.

If you miss the segment on television, check the "Today" show website for video later Thursday afternoon.

N&O staff photo by Harry Lynch