Comedy Central stars skewer NC barbecue and Democrats on late-night shows

Comedy Central cohorts Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart both took late-night jabs at North Carolina during their comedy shows this week.

Colbert declared himself a North Carolina native this week during a segment on "The Colbert Report" in which he discussed his sister, Elizabeth Colbert Busch, losing a congressional election in his home state of South Carolina to formerly disgraced South Carolina governor Mark Sanford.

The angry Colbert said he felt betrayed by his home state and would turn his back on it. "From now on," he said. "And I never thought I'd say this, I am from North Carolina. No, I have to - I have to! I'm a Tar Heel now! Whatever the f--- that means."

Colbert then went on to profess his love for the state bird, the cardinal (after consulting an Almanac to get the bird's name right). "That's a stupid bird," he said. "But it's mine now."

Colbert also mentioned the state dog (the Plott Hound) before slamming North Carolina 'cue as a "sauceless, vinegar-based meat product that they call barbecue." Colbert then took a bite of some eastern N.C. barbecue and gagged.

We know Colbert is a great, great actor because there's no way he prefers that mustardy South Carolina mess to our delicious pig. Smithfield Chicken N' Bar-B-Q, a local barbecue and fried chicken chain, posted an open letter to Colbert on its website last night, challenging his barbecue tastes and offering to send him some of their barbecue and slaw in an effort to set his mind - and taste buds - right.

You can watch the full Colbert segment below or here.

A day later at "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart," it was Stewart's turn to skewer the state.

After talking about missteps by South Carolina Democrats, Stewart pivoted and talked about a recent controversial comment by embattled North Carolina Democratic Party interim executive director Randy Voller.

"Of course, (Voller) later apologized with the famed 'not intending to offend' and explained why (his rape comment) was a perfectly apt and appropriate metaphor for him to use in front of a women's group by saying:

"Women and men are both victims of abusive power and violence. I personally could have been raped."

Stewart continued, "So I guess we're all good, huh, ladies? Here's how we know you probably haven't been raped: You used the term to describe political policies you disagree with."

Watch the whole "Daily Show" episode here and skip ahead to the six-minute mark, or use the clip below and advance to the 2:20 mark.

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