Nope, sorry – there is no Jesse Pinkman spinoff show

Now we know the truth: Aaron Paul, aka Jesse Pinkman, is a tease.

The “Breaking Bad” actor took to social media over the weekend, posting about some big news. “Can’t wait to tell you what this is all about,” he wrote on Instagram. “It’s top secret for now but you all will know soon enough. It’s a new gig that I am over the moon about. Thank you angel for sending this to me from across the country. Love you lots and lots.”

Just two days later, he pranked his loyal fans.

“So here’s the news. Are you ready?” he said during a video chat on Periscope. “About 15 minutes ago, Vince Gilligan told me that it was OK to tell the world how I saw fit that there will be in fact be a – oh man I can’t believe I’ve got to tell you all this – there will be in fact a spinoff for Jesse Pinkman’s character from ‘Breaking Bad,’ which is just phenomenal.

“It takes place in Alaska. So he has made it up to Alaska but obviously people are still searching for him. He’s in hiding, which is very exciting. I’m so happy I’m able to tell you all this. … We start shooting very soon.”

Then, with his next breath, he pulled this:

“And also – I feel so bad – everything I just said was not true,” he said. “I’m just bored in Boston, and I wish it was April Fool’s Day but it’s not.”

Immediately, viewers called him out for it.

“No, don’t hate me. I’m sorry. I knew this was going to go one way or the other,” he said. “I hope you won’t hate me for long for this toy of emotion.”

Paul told his fans he was sitting in a hotel room in Boston, where he has been filming a new movie called “Central Intelligence.” As penance, he invited them to join him for a late-night showing of “Mad Max: Fury Road.” On his way, he shot a second video.

“So again, I’m sorry for the joke I pulled on all of you,” he said. “I’m walking to the movie so if you’re in Boston come meet me. I wanted to reiterate again how sorry I am for pulling that on you. So many people are so mad at me. I was trying to be funny.”

Some people reacted as Walter White might, calling his little gag “a horrible joke” and “emotional terrorism.” “You made me think my life has meaning for a second only to make me cry. I love you, but don’t kick a girl while she’s down,” another fan wrote.

“Sorry for the joke everybody,” Paul responded. “I love you all so much. Hugs and kisses.”