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What to Watch on Thursday: ‘Gracepoint’ on Fox, comedies from NBC

From left: Nick Nolte, Anna Gunn and David Tennant in “Gracepoint.”
From left: Nick Nolte, Anna Gunn and David Tennant in “Gracepoint.” Ed Araquel/FOX

Gracepoint (9pm, Fox) - David Tennant plays a detective in this remake of the British crime drama “Broadchurch” (on which he played the same role). The Fox drama faithfully follows the “Broadchurch” plot of a small town turned upside down when a young boy is found murdered – at least for the first several episodes. After that, the story lines will change enough to keep “Broadchurch” fans interested. Anna Gunn (“Breaking Bad”), Michael Peña and Nick Nolte also star.

Also on tonight . . .

The Vampire Diaries (8pm, CW) - Season 6 begins with Elena returning to Whitmore College for the start of sophomore year, while Caroline becomes desperate to reverse the anti-magic spell the Travelers put over Mystic Falls.

Reign (9pm, CW) - In the second season opener, a plague sweeps across the land and threatens the stability of the kingdom. Meanwhile, Francis and Lola aren’t allowed back home because of the quarantine.

Scandal (9pm, ABC) - As Mellie deals with her private strife (i.e. “comes completely undone”), she garners the nation’s attention.

Bad Judge (9pm, NBC) - Kate Walsh plays a, well, a bad judge in this equally bad sitcom from NBC. Read the full review of “Bad Judge.”

A-to-Z (9:30pm, NBC) - Another new NBC sitcom, “A-to-Z” chronicles the relationship of a young couple played by Ben Feldman and Cristin Milioti. The cast is appealing – let’s just hope any potential this show has isn’t killed by stink coming off its lead-in (looking at you, “Bad Judge”). Here’s the full review of “A-to-Z.”

Parenthood (10pm, NBC) - I told y’all this final season wasn’t going to go well for Zeek, didn’t I? Tonight, Zeek faces a difficult health decision (sigh) and Sarah tries to figure out how she feels about Amber’s baby news.

How to Get Away with Murder (10pm, ABC) - Annalise defends a millionaire accused in the grisly murder of his wife, but while at home, she starts to wonder if her own husband had anything to do with the murder of a college student.