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What to Watch on Friday: ‘MasterChef Junior’ finale can’t hurt as much as last week’s episode

Contestants Dara and Alexander in the season finale episode of “MasterChef Junior” on Fox.
Contestants Dara and Alexander in the season finale episode of “MasterChef Junior” on Fox. Greg Gayne / FOX

MasterChef: Junior (8pm, Fox) - I know nothing on “MasterChef” can ever hurt me as much as last week’s episode, so I’ll tune in tonight for the finale, in which (I’m pretty sure) Alexander will defeat Dara after each prepare a three-course meal for the judges.

JFK: The Final Hours (8pm, National Geographic Channel) - Bill Paxton, who has a child attended President John F. Kennedy’s final public speech in Fort Worth before his assassination in Dallas, narrates this look at the final hours of Kennedy’s life as seen through firsthand accounts of people who were with him.

The Neighbors (8:30pm, ABC) - My Friday night dreams have come true with this “Neighbors”-“Shark Tank” crossover episode!! Debbie designs a purse and Jackie books an appearance on “Shark Tank” to make their pitch, but Larry’s performance in front of the cameras catches everyone off-guard. The real “ Shark Tank” airs right after at 9. Don’t miss that either.

Grimm (9pm, NBC) - Nick and Hank investigate a series of gruesome crime scenes that may be linked to an old feud. Meanwhile, Nick enjoys his newfound health and Monroe and Rosealee discuss taking their relationship to the next level.

Blue Bloods (10pm, CBS) - Accusations of excessive force are made against a cop, leading to scrutiny of the force by the mayor and outraged citizens.

Haven (10pm, Syfy) - The fate of Haven lies in Audrey figuring out what the mysterious thugs from the barn are still doing in town, but first she needs to rescue William from their clutches.