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What to Watch on Sunday: Jane finally confronts Red John on ‘The Mentalist’

Simon Baker as Patrick Jane on “The Mentalist.”
Simon Baker as Patrick Jane on “The Mentalist.”

The Mentalist (10pm, CBS) - I feel like we've been promised this many times before, but maybe tonight it really happens: Jane finally confronts Red John, the notorious serial killer who's responsible for the deaths of Jane's wife and daughter.

Also on tonight . . .

2013 American Music Awards (8pm, ABC) - Scheduled performances include Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga, Kendrick Lamar, Florida Georgia Line, Luke Bryan, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis.

Boardwalk Empire (9pm, HBO) - In the Season 4 finale, Eli fears for Nucky when Knox puts his plan in motion to take him down. Also, Chalky plots revenge on his foes and Richard looks out for Tommy.

The Good Wife (9pm, CBS) - One of Alicia's clients is accused of domestic terrorism. Meanwhile, Will goes against Diane's wishes and hires an unpredictable lawyer with ties to organized crime, and Eli and Jackie clash over a Florrick family secret.

Homeland (9pm, Showtime) - Carrie reunites with Brody, but the circumstances are more difficult than either of them imagined. Meanwhile, Saul gets a win from an unlikely source, and Dana struggles with her new life away from home.

Defending Santa (9pm, ION) - In this original ION movie, Santa gets arrested when he's mistaken for a crime suspect, and a trial ensues -- jeopardizing Santa's Christmas Eve duties. During the course of the trial, a romance blooms between the arresting sheriff and Santa's attorney.

The Walking Dead (9pm, AMC) - A new and scary chapter beings to form at a camp outside the prison.

Getting On (10pm, HBO) - In the premiere of this comedy (based on a BBC comedy) set in an extended-care wing of a rundown hospital in Long Beach, Calif., nurse DiDi's discovery of feces on a lounge chair generates conflicting orders of what to do with it from the powers that be. Meanwhile, the staff try to identify a woman who was found wandering on the highway, and a debate what should become of a deceased person's birthday cake. The cast includes Laurie Metcalf, Alex Borstein, Niecy Nash and Mel Rodriguez.