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What to Watch on Saturday: Christmas specials and more from Nat Geo Wild’s Big Cat Week

Candace Cameron Bure stars in “Let it Snow” on Hallmark.
Candace Cameron Bure stars in “Let it Snow” on Hallmark. Hallmark

Let it Snow (8pm, Hallmark) - In this new Hallmark movie, a resort executive is sent to transform a quaint lodge into an updated resort, but the lodge’s holiday charm and the owner’s dashing son win her over, tempting her to reconsider the modernization plans.

The Flight Before Christmas (8pm, CBS) - A young reindeer who’s never met his father and suffers from vertigo wants to follow in his hoof prints and become part of Santa’s high-flying team, so he takes lessons from a member of a Finnish family of aerialist squirrels. Features the voices of Norm Macdonald and Emma Roberts.

Dear Secret Santa (8pm, Lifetime) - A woman moves back into the house where she grew up and recalls her friendship with Jack, a neighbor who recently passed away. Soon, she starts receiving Christmas cards from a secret admirer and begins to suspect they are from Jack.

The Story of Santa Claus (9pm, CBS) - An animated musical from 1996 that explains how a toymaker named Nicholas Claus (voice of Edward Asner) started the tradition of delivering a toy to every child on Christmas. Betty White voices Mrs. Claus. (For the real story of Santa, you have to watch “Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town.” Everybody knows that.)

Wild Wives of Africa (9 pm, Nat Geo Wild) - Nat Geo Wild continues Big Cat Week with the series premiere looks at female hunters on the African savanna, including lionesses and cheetahs.

Cougar vs. Wolf (10pm, Nat Geo Wild) - Big-cat wrangler Boone Smith tracks wolf packs and cougars in the Rocky Mountains to uncover the reasons behind conflicts between the wild animals.