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DVD Giveaway: ‘Political Animals’: The Complete Series

Every day in December (Santa willing), we’ll post a DVD here that we’ll give away to one lucky reader.

Day 17 brings us “Political Animals”: The Complete Series.

“Political Animals” was a 2012 USA Network drama starring Sigourney Weaver, Carla Gugino, Ciarin Hinds (playing a former North Carolina governor with THE WORST SOUTHERN ACCENT IN THE HISTORY OF TELEVISION), Ellen Burstyn and James Wolk. But despite Weaver’s awkward acting (my personal opinion), Hinds’ Foghorn Leghorn impression and the perpetuation of the Hollywood stereotype that all female journalists sleep with their bosses/sources to get ahead, “Political Animals” was adored by many critics.

You may be sensing where I stand on this series, but if you’d like to see for yourself without spending any money, here’s your chance. Email me at bcain@newsobserver.com by midnight tonight (Dec. 17) and you’ll be entered in the random drawing.

Please put the title of the DVD in the email subject field and include your mailing address with your entry to expedite shipping.

Good luck!