Happiness is a Warm TV

What to Watch on Saturday: A Sedaris + a cat = television gold

Lil’ Bub and Amy Sedaris for Animal Planet.
Lil’ Bub and Amy Sedaris for Animal Planet. Scott Gries/Animal Planet

Lil BUB's Special Special (9pm, Animal Planet) - Amy Sedaris babysits Lil BUB when the little cat's owner goes out for the night, but she has her hands full with BUB's friends and their assorted sleepover hijinks. A Sedaris and some cats. THIS IS TELEVISION GOLD.

Also on tonight . . .

Chance at Romance (7pm, Hallmark) - A woman seeking romance finds an ideal man online, but she gets a surprise when she meets him and learns that his young son was posing as his dad and communicating with her.

2014 Winter Olympics (8 pm, NBC) - NBC's primetime coverage continues. Tonight: more team figure skating, ice dancing, snowboarding and freestyle skiing. NBC will continue their winter sport coverage through Feb. 23 on NBC, NBC-Sports, USA, MSNBC and CNBC. What you see in prime time will have been taped earlier, but all of the competitions will also be live-streamed on nbcolympics.com. For a full schedule, go to nbcolympics.com/tv-listings.

The Girl He Met Online (8pm, Lifetime) - Oh yay, another online dating movie. In this one, a man's life starts to spiral out of control when he meets a sexy but troubled 23-year-old woman online.

Austin City Limits (Midnight, UNC-TV) - Country singer-songwriter Kacey Musgraves performs songs from her 2013 cd "Same Trailer, Different Park." Also, honky-tonker Dale Watson serves up songs from throughout his career.