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What to Watch on Wednesday: ‘Mixology’ will be the right brew for some

(L-R) Andrew Santino, Blake Lee, Craig Frank star in “Mixology” on ABC.
(L-R) Andrew Santino, Blake Lee, Craig Frank star in “Mixology” on ABC. Ron Batzdorff/ABC

Mixology (9:30pm, ABC) - This new series from ABC is scientifically engineered for a very specific type of viewer, and that viewer is not me. The premise is interesting, though: a group of single people in a high-end bar in Manhattan search for connections (I won’t say “love”) over the course of one single night. That’s right – the entire series takes place on one night, and that’s the cool part. Each half-hour episode focuses mostly on one couple, and includes flashbacks. The first episode is concerned with a recently dumped man thrust back into the dating world, being battered with terrible advice from his friends on how to score with women (there’s an awful lot of unapologetic talk about preying on drunk, vulnerable women). Those parts of the show feel like someone decided to take all of the bizarre, slightly offensive Barney Stinson Playbook moments from “How I Met Your Mother” and build a series around them. But, for some people, those moments are the best part of “How I Met Your Mother,” and those are the people for whom this show is built.

The Americans (10pm, FX) - This is one of those series that if you’re not already watching, you should seriously consider catching up pronto. If the first five episodes of Season 2 are any indication, “The Americans” is just getting better and better. In tonight’s season premiere, Elizabeth and Philip fear for their spy network and their family after a mission goes awry. Meanwhile, their daughter Paige’s suspicions about their clandestine activities grow.

Wahlburgers (10:30pm, A&E) - Mark tries to help Paul lose weight, while Alma finds items from Mark and Donnie’s childhood while cleaning out their garage.