Happiness is a Warm TV

What happened to Raleigh’s Christmas Abbott on tonight’s ‘Big Brother’ premiere?

“Big Brother” houseguest Christmas Abbott.
“Big Brother” houseguest Christmas Abbott. CBS

Tonight’s season premiere of "Big Brother" sent one houseguest home. Was it Raleigh Crossfit star Christmas Abbott?

If you’re planning to watch but haven’t yet, don’t read any further. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Christmas did not receive a friendship bracelet from a guy named Paul, who was apparently on a previous season (I have never watched this program before and I don’t know why he had the bracelets because I tuned in late).

So Christmas (and the other non-friends) had to compete in a challenge that required them to stand on a trapeze bar holding onto a rope. Christmas said that, being a Crossfit star and everything, she could stay on the bar longer, but didn’t want to seem to be too much of a threat to others in the house, so she hopped down.

Of those who jumped/fell off the trapeze bar, three were unlucky enough to select a "poisoned apple" from a sexy snake (long story, not worth going into).

Of course, Christmas got a poisoned apple.

Her fate was up to other houseguests, who could vote for her eviction.

After a brief "campaign" session (serious booty-kissing), the vote took place.

Christmas was safe and a guy named Cameron was evicted. But that was too close for comfort, Christmas.