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Broken foot, eviction block: Another rough night for Christmas Abbott on ‘Big Brother’

“Big Brother” houseguest Christmas Abbott.
“Big Brother” houseguest Christmas Abbott. CBS

It was another rough night for Raleigh fitness guru Christmas Abbott on the CBS reality show “Big Brother.”

If you plan to watch later and don’t want to know any more, stop reading now.

First, Christmas was horsing around with Cowboy Jason (riding on his back, reportedly) when they fell and Christmas started screaming that she had broken her foot. Jason offers to carry her inside but she sent him for help.

According to reports, Christmas was taken to the ER and later returned on crutches. She told housemates she had torn ligaments but would have to return to the hospital for an MRI to determine the severity of her injuries. Some websites this morning have reported that an MRI confirms the break. Christmas says that despite her busted up foot, she’s committed to staying in the game.

Entertainment Weekly’s official “Big Brother” correspondent, Lynette Rice, cited a “Big Brother” executive producer as saying this is the first broken bone in the game’s 19-season history. Rice also tweeted that Christmas had been “kept in seclusion” at the ER so that no one would recognize her.

Then, to add insult to literal injury, Christmas is up for eviction for the second week in a row (thanks a lot, Cody).

But the housemates vote 8-4 to keep the hobbled CrossFit star in the house, sending Jillian home instead.

You can’t keep Christmas down.