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Win a copy of ‘The Big Bang Theory: Official Trivia Guide’

Fans of the CBS sitcom “The Big Bang Theory” will lose themselves in this 375-page book of minutiae by Adam Faberman, a script coordinator for the show.

“The Big Bang Theory: The Official Trivia Guide” features 1,500 questions from the first eight seasons (it was published in 2015, but it’s still pretty great), tons of photos and hilarious quotes from Sheldon, Raj, Penny, Howard, Leonard, Amy and Bernadette. The book also serves as an episode guide for those first eight seasons (FYI: the show recently completed its tenth season and has been renewed for two more).

If you didn’t already know, the book will tell you things like, what instrument Leonard plays in the Physics Department String Quartet, and the name of Penny’s avatar in the “Age of Conan” game.

If you’d like to win “The Big Bang Theory: Official Trivia Guide,” email giveaway@newsobserver.com by midnight Sunday (July 16) and include your mailing address. Put “Bang” in the subject line to be included in the random drawing. Only the winner will be notified.