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Christmas Abbott with another ‘Big Brother’ first: casting an eviction vote from a hospital bed

“Big Brother” houseguest Christmas Abbott.
“Big Brother” houseguest Christmas Abbott. CBS

Raleigh Crossfit star Christmas Abbott, who last week became the first “Big Brother” housemate to ever break a bone on the show, achieved another first Thursday night: the first housemate to cast an eviction vote from a hospital bed.*

(*I have not checked this fact, but you know, surely...)

The episode opened with Christmas entering the house on crutches to inform her housemates that she has to have major surgery on her broken foot. She had a choice to leave the game or have surgery and stay in the “Big Brother” house, and she decided to stay and be “the queen of perseverance.”

Cody, a dour fellow dressed in a frog suit (don’t ask because I don’t know why) questioned her “perseverance” and then literally hopped away. Literally. Hopped. Away. (This frog situation must have started on a previous episode, which I did not see. If you know, feel free to comment.)

After a scene in which Christmas had a little spat with Jessica, host Julie Chen announced live that Christmas had successful foot surgery yesterday but hasn’t been cleared to leave the hospital.

Meanwhile, back to the tape ... fast forward, fast forward ... Cody hops in to try to make amends with Christmas (he put her up for eviction last week). Whisper, whisper, explain, explain, strategy, strategy. Sounds like Christmas may align with the grumpy frog.

I’ll spare you the stuff that came after this.

Then it’s eviction time. They go live to Christmas’ hospital room, post-surgery, where she votes to evict Ramses (instead of Cody, who most of the house seemed to want out). I’ll be honest – I don’t even know who Ramses is, seeing as he did not distinguish himself by wearing a frog suit, but Twitter went crazy, mostly questioning Christmas’ pharmaceutical intake. Here are few of the tweets that are suitable for publication in a family newspaper.

The vote was announced live and ... Cody was evicted.

He shed his green felt frog suit and crossed the threshold into the CBS studio for his post-eviction interview with Chen. During his talk, he referred to Christmas as “high anxiety, high emotion.”

At the end of the episode there was a Head of Household competition. Of course, Christmas wasn’t there, but Chen pointed out that even if she was, she would not be medically cleared to participate. The competition involved standing on a ledge and holding the wall behind you while the wall slowly tilted forward.

Before any of the housemates started dropping, the show ended.