Happiness is a Warm TV

Who dat coming to Raleigh on Monday? Yes, it’s Harry Connick Jr.

Harry Connick Jr. on the set of his daytime talk show “Harry.”
Harry Connick Jr. on the set of his daytime talk show “Harry.” NBCUniversal Heidi Gutman

Harry Connick Jr. will be in Raleigh on Monday, but you might have to look hard to see him.

The New Orleans native will be in town on the first leg of a tour to promote a popular game on his daytime TV talk show, “Harry.” He’ll mostly be spreading the word at local radio and TV stations.

We talked to Connick by phone this week, and he explained a little about how the game – “Dough, Ray, Me” – works, and how a local viewer could end up playing it in person on his show.

“We like to give away things and do fun things on the show,” Connick says of the game, which gives the winner a chance to choose dough (cash), ray (a sunshine-filled vacation) or me (something indulgent for themselves).

“The band is part of it, and it’s something we do to make people feel better. We live in a crazy time right now, so anything we can do to uplift people and make them happy is good.”

The twist for the new season of “Harry,” which starts Sept. 12, is that viewers can nominate people they feel deserve a chance at some “Dough, Ray, Me.” The chosen nominees will go to New York City, where the talk show is filmed, and play the game on TV.

Nominations start on Monday, July 31, and details about how to do that are on harrytv.com starting first thing that morning. You can also learn more about the contest by watching the show, which airs locally on The CW at 2 p.m. and 4 a.m. each weekday.

Connick is best known to most as a singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, actor, heartthrob and former judge on “American Idol.” After adding daytime TV talk show host to that list of credentials last year, we wonder if he has some kind of showbiz checklist he’s going down.

“No, I do things that I love to do,” Connick says. “I just feel compelled to entertain – to play music and entertain and just do things I feel comfortable doing. I look for things that will fulfill me at that time.”

Does that mean there’s no chance he’ll sign on as a judge on the “American Idol” revival planned on ABC?

“I haven’t thought that much about it,” he says. “I’m having such a great time on (“Harry”) and doing (“Idol”) and doing the daytime show would be impossible for me.

“It’s a huge time commitment,” Connick says of his daytime gig. “Writing music, preparing for guests. But I really, really love it. I’m absolutely in love with it.”

Brooke Cain: 919-829-4579, @brookecain