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Christmas and the Meatball: A strategic alliance and temptation on ‘Big Brother’

Christmas Abbott, left, and Ramses Soto in the “Big Brother” house.
Christmas Abbott, left, and Ramses Soto in the “Big Brother” house. CBS

In Wednesday night’s “Big Brother,” Christmas Abbott finally used the “Temptation” America gave her a few weeks ago to strengthen her alliance with Josh (aka The Meatball) and Paul, while drawing the ire of the house’s power couple: Cody and Jessica.

Christmas Abbott in the "Big Brother" house. Monty Brinton CBS

Long story short(ish): Josh is head of household and wants Elena out, but his friend Paul wants Jessica (a very powerful player) out. He’s working Josh pretty hard to get him to focus on Jessica. Christmas has been telling Josh not to let Paul boss him around. Josh has both Jessica and Elena (and also Mark) on the Eviction Block. Cody, who “dates” Jessica in the house, was selected for the Veto Competition, which means if he won, he could pull Jessica off the eviction block. So Christmas let Josh know that she has been holding the “Temptation,” which would allow her to remove someone from the Veto Competition and replace them with herself – and that she’d use it if Josh wanted.

In the most suspenseful “waiting for someone to blink” moment in recent television history, Josh eventually gave Christmas the go-ahead to remove Cody – and make herself an enemy of the “Big Brother” power couple from here on out.

After that surprising twist, Christmas, who is still in a cast from that severely broken foot, rolled into Jesssica’s room on her knee scooter and told her that it wasn’t personal. Jessica was having none of it. I’m not gonna lie, Jessica is scary. But Christmas notes to the camera that Cody is the person who put her up on the Eviction Block early in the competition, so yeah, it might be a bit personal.

Christmas tells Jessica she should learn how to separate “the personal” from “the game.” Then she rolls right on out of there while Jessica is still yapping at her.

“Christmas you’re stabbing me in the back,” Jessica tells the camera. “You can go to hell.”

Then Jessica runs to Cody and tells him what Christmas said. They fume.

At the very physical Veto Competition, which involved slime, a steep ramp and an evil, animatronic pig, Christmas is not allowed to compete because of her broken foot. But her goal was not to compete, but to remove Cody from the competition – and then just cross her fingers that Jessica does not win the Veto and remove Cody from the Eviction Block.

It worked! Jessica didn’t win the Veto power. Temptation not wasted.

Eviction is Thursday at 9 p.m. on CBS.

Christmas, who worked as a civilian contractor in Iraq in 2004, started Crossfit training in 2006. She's the owner of CrossFit Invoke in Raleigh, and in 2012, became the first woman to work in a NASCAR pit crew. She is also the author of two books.