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Christmas in control: Raleigh contestant gets big power on ‘Big Brother’

Christmas Abbott in the "Big Brother" house.
Christmas Abbott in the "Big Brother" house. CBS

After starting the season with two straight weeks on the eviction block and a badly broken foot, things finally went right for Raleigh CrossFit star Christmas Abbott on Sunday’s “Big Brother.”

Christmas won the “Head of Household” competition, but only because Paul “tossed it” to her. And yeah, he pretty much did, by picking an obviously wrong answer on purpose when Christmas froze in the final round against him. Even Christmas acknowledged that.

“Even though Paul threw the HOH to me, it’s still my HOH. I’m ready to do a big move – and I’m one step closer to the $500-K that I came here for!”

What does ‘Head of Household’ mean?

Christmas Abbott in the Big Brother House. Monty Brinton CBS

The “Head of Household” is determined in each Sunday night’s live episode of “Big Brother.” The person who has “Head of Household” position (aka “HOH”) has all the power the rest of the week.

First, the HOH cannot be evicted that week. Almost as important is that the HOH also gets to nominate two house guests for the eviction block. Later in the week if a house guest with the Power of Veto removes one of the nominees from the eviction block, the HOH can name a replacement. Other perks include a private bedroom for the week (and a lot of sucking up from other house guests).

Who did Christmas nominate for eviction?

Before the nomination ceremony, Christmas talked about how breaking her foot in Week 2 of the show was “heart-wrenching” and “spirit-smashing,” but that the HOH win had rejuvenated her with “energy and fight and fury.”

Several players lobbied Christmas for people they thought she should nominate, but in the end, Christmas decided she wanted one person from each power couple in the house (Matt & Raven, Jason & Alex), just to break up one of those alliances. But her goal, she said, is to “backdoor” Mark. What does that even mean?

She went to Matt and Raven and then to Jason and Alex about using someone from their duo as the pawn. She made promises to both duos that she obviously will not keep. But that’s how you play the game. I guess. Then Mark went to her and made some promises of his own, if she will keep him off the block.

In the end, Christmas named Matt and Jason. Mark is still the “backdoor” target, she said, apologizing to him. I honestly have no idea how that works and it’s probably due to me not paying attention at some point during all this. Does she mean when the “power of veto” winner removes someone, she will then name Mark? OK, I get that. But why apologize to Mark tonight?

A cool moment

Jason the rodeo clown got to read a letter from home and it was from his little boy, who broke the news to him that he’s going to be a “big brother” himself – Jason’s getting a second son. He collapsed to the floor in tears and all of the house guests – also in tears – gathered around him for hugs.

A little background

Christmas broke her foot in the second week of the show. It was pretty bad. She had surgery on her foot, but opted to stay in the house. Christmas said doctors told her she faces more surgery and isn’t likely to regain full range of motion in her foot, essentially ending her competitive CrossFit career.

Christmas, who worked as a civilian contractor in Iraq in 2004, started Crossfit training in 2006. She’s the owner of CrossFit Invoke in Raleigh, and in 2012, became the first woman to work in a NASCAR pit crew. She is also the author of two books.