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Wait, did Christmas Abbott have a secret showmance on ‘Big Brother’?

Christmas Abbott on CBS’ “Big Brother.”
Christmas Abbott on CBS’ “Big Brother.” CBS

In the last episode before Wednesday’s two-hour “Big Brother” finale, Raleigh’s Christmas Abbott revealed she may have romantic feelings for one of her housemates. Paul.

That’s right. Paul.

Friday night’s show featured the three finalists – Christmas, Paul and Josh – dining on steak and lobster and reflecting on some of the more memorable moments of the season. At one point, talking about “showmances” (there were three known couples in the house: Cody and Jess, Matt and Raven, Mark and Elena), Josh revealed that he had been uncomfortable with how close his pals Christmas and Paul had become.

Josh Martinez, Paul Abrahamian and Christmas Abbott share a moment on “Big Brother” on CBS. Johnny Vy CBS

Josh to camera: “Christmas and Paul?! Since the tandem skydiving, these two have been inseparable!”

Roll the clips of Christmas and Paul snuggling, teasing, eating each other’s food, complimenting each other and just flirting in general.

Josh to camera: “Cut it out! Stop the cuddles, stop the eating together! It’s driving me nuts!”

Christmas Abbott plays the Head of Household competition, themed "The Revengers" on CBS’ “Big Brother” on Sunday, Sept.10. Sonja Flemming CBS

Christmas to camera: “I think Paul’s one of the most interesting people that I’ve ever met. He’s brilliant, funny, weird. He makes me smile and he makes me giggle. I like hanging out with Paul a lot. I just can’t imagine hanging out in the Big Brother House this summer without Paul.”

But the most interesting part was a late night recording of Christmas in bed, whispering to herself while watching a screen that showed Paul walking around the kitchen. Here’s what she said:

“This game is really hard. It’s crazy how your feelings start to go wild in here. My mind. My heart. I’m in this purgatory of emotion and sometimes my heart stops. What are you doing? Paul makes me smile. There’s a little nugget of information. I’m just not normally in a position where my heart gets away from me, and I feel like it’s getting away from me. (Laughs) Oh, I’m gonna come out of here and discover whether my heart is broken, or healed. I am so upside down right now.”


Okay, if anything happens with Christmas and Paul after the show ends, at least one of them will be rich(ish). The winner of this torturous exercise will get $500,000 and the person in second place gets $50,000. Third place gets nothing.

When Friday’s episode ended, Christmas, Paul and Josh were standing on pedestals holding onto unicorn tails as part of the final (I think?) Head of Household competition.

The finale takes place Wednesday, Sept. 20, at 8 p.m. on CBS.

We’re pulling for you, Christmas!

A little Christmas / “Big Brother” background

Christmas broke her foot in the second week of the show. It was pretty bad. She had surgery on her foot, but opted to stay in the house. Christmas said doctors told her she faces more surgery and isn’t likely to regain full range of motion in her foot, essentially ending her competitive CrossFit career.

Christmas, who worked as a civilian contractor in Iraq in 2004, started Crossfit training in 2006. She’s the owner of CrossFit Invoke in Raleigh, and in 2012, became the first woman to work in a NASCAR pit crew. She is also the author of two books.