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What you need to know about Christmas Abbott, ‘Big Brother’ and her chance to win $500,000

Christmas Abbott in the Big Brother House.
Christmas Abbott in the Big Brother House. CBS

Raleigh’s Christmas Abbott, a competitive CrossFit star who is also credited with being the first woman to work in a NASCAR Sprint Series pit crew, has made it all the way to the final three in “Big Brother.”

The winner will be named in the show’s season finale Wednesday night on CBS.

If you haven’t been keeping track, here’s what you need to know about Christmas and “Big Brother,” plus our ideas for what she should do after the finale. (You should also take a look at our previous stories about Christmas on “Big Brother.”)

(Note: I can’t believe I have to say this, but please don’t email and yell at me for not mentioning mean things Christmas did on the 24/7 Live Feed because I have not watched a single minute of that. I have only watched what CBS broadcasts on the show. I’m not nominating anyone for sainthood, just pulling for the hometown girl to win a reality show. Thanks.)

What is “Big Brother”?

“Big Brother” is a reality competition show in its 19th season on CBS. The contestants, called house guests, are confined to a large house (which is built on a CBS soundstage) filled with cameras. They are watched all the time. Producers are watching constantly, and fans can watch live feeds online most of the day, even when the show isn’t on air.

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Christmas Abbott on “Big Brother.” Sonja Flemming CBS

Each week a house guest wins a Head of Household competition, which gives them the power to place other guests on the eviction block. That same week, another house guest can win a Power of Veto competition, which gives them the power to remove someone from the block or leave them. If someone is removed, the HOH names a replacement.

Later that week, the house votes on which of the two guests should be evicted. Some weeks there have been two evictions.

As you might guess, there are a lot of alliances made and a lot of scheming to target certain players. There are romances (called showmances) and fights.

The winner gets $500,000, and the second place finisher gets $50,000.

Who is Christmas Abbott?

Christmas Abbott is a 35-year-old competitive CrossFit star who owns the CrossFit Invoke gym in Raleigh. Before she started CrossFit training in 2006, she worked as a civilian contractor in Iraq. In 2012 she trained to become the first woman to work in a Sprint Series NASCAR pit crew, working as a tire-changer on the Michael Waltrip team. She ended up leaving the team before getting to change a tire during a race.

Before her time on "Big Brother" Christmas Abbott pursued a position on a NASCAR pit crew.

Christmas is the author of two books: “The Badass Body Diet” (2015) and “The Badass Life” (2017).

Christmas Abbott wins the HOH competition on “Big Brother.” Sonja Flemming CBS

Why is Christmas wearing a cast?

Christmas got off to a shaky start in the “Big Brother” house, landing on the eviction block the first two weeks. And during that second week, Christmas broke her foot – the first broken bone in “Big Brother” history. She was horsing around with Jason, a rodeo clown, riding on his back in the “Big Brother” yard. Jason fell backward, and Christmas landed on her foot. The break was bad. She had 10 broken bones, four dislocated bones and one ligament that had to be reconstructed. One of the bones was so messed up it had to be replaced with a donor bone. The worst part is that her doctors told her she would likely never regain full mobility, essentially ending her competitive CrossFit career.

She opted to stay in the house and compete (only leaving to have surgery). On a few of the more physical competitions, she has been exempted because of her injury.

In the past few weeks she seems to have graduated from a white cast to a black boot. She has been shown throughout the season on crutches, with a walker, and most often, on a knee scooter. With the boot, she can also hop around.

Who is Christmas up against in the finale?

Christmas is one of the three finalists along with her two “ride or die” alliances this season: Josh and Paul.

Josh Martinez, Paul Abrahamian and Christmas Abbott share a moment on “Big Brother.” Johnny Vy CBS

Josh and Christmas have been really close all season. Josh cries a lot, and Christmas gives him hugs and pep talks. They seem to be true friends.

Paul is the master manipulator in the house and has had alliances with nearly everyone, but Christmas and Josh seem to have been his “main” alliances. In the previous episode, Christmas seemed to reveal that she has romantic feelings for Paul. We aren’t sure anyone should trust Paul, though.

Christmas Abbott plays the Head of Household competition, themed "The Revengers" on “Big Brother.” Sonja Flemming CBS

What happens in the finale?

I’ll be honest. I’m not a hundred percent sure. I know that the previous episode ended with Christmas, Paul and Josh in the first of a multi-part HOH competition, which involved them standing on pedestals holding onto unicorn tails. There’s at least one more part to the competition, maybe two. At some point there will be two contestants left. That’s when a jury of former “Big Brother” house guests enter and vote on who should win.

Will Christmas win?

If Christmas is in the final two, she has an excellent chance of winning. Paul has tricked a lot of people with his fake alliances, and now that they’re in the jury, they know. Josh has had a serious clash with at least one jury member, but he’s mostly likeable. Christmas hasn’t had any serious clashes or fights with anyone this season and people generally seem to like her.

What’s next for Christmas?

Win or lose, we have some ideas for Christmas’ next chapter.

▪ 1. She pairs up with Josh (or Paul) for “The Amazing Race” (another CBS reality show).

▪ 2. “Dancing with the Stars,” obviously.

▪ 3. Her own cable show, set at her Raleigh CrossFit gym. It doesn’t matter to me what they do there, I’m going to watch.

Watch the “Big Brother” finale

The live, two-hour “Big Brother” finale starts at 8 p.m. Wednesday on CBS.