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Did Christmas Abbott win ‘Big Brother’? Here’s the full report.

Christmas Abbott on “Big Brother.”
Christmas Abbott on “Big Brother.” CBS

Raleigh CrossFit star Christmas Abbott made it to the finale of the CBS reality competition series “Big Brother,” which meant she went up against Josh Martinez and Paul Abrahamian for a chance to take home $500,000.

Spoiler warning here for anyone who doesn’t want to know the outcome of Wednesday’s finale just yet ...

Unfortunately, Christmas didn’t make it to the final two.

Here’s how it all went down.

HOH, part 1

Wednesday’s live episode picked up in part one of a three-part Head of Household competition, with Christmas, Paul and Josh standing on “clouds” and holding onto unicorn tails. Josh fell first, and Christmas, with her broken foot in a boot, struggled.

“My body is screaming, my foot is p***ed, my hands are going numb.”

She didn’t last. Christmas fell and Paul won part one.

“My fall is probably one of the hardest falls I’ve ever taken in my life because I really wanted it. But I know there’s one more to come and I’m going to give it all of my heart and I hope that all of my heart next time is enough to win.”

HOH, part 2

In the second part of the HOH competition, Christmas was up against Josh. The second contest was medieval-themed and involved reading scrolls about house alliances and then knocking over cardboard cutouts of evicted house guests using various weapons like slingshots. Christmas went first, and did well considering the physical element (there was a lot of running around standing up cutouts wrongly felled.

The courses were timed and Christmas finished in 1 hour, 39 minutes. Josh’s time was 1 hour, 32 minutes, so he won.

“I’m pretty disappointed in my performance with this competition,” Christmas said. “I was really hoping to secure my spot in the final two without somebody having to take me.”

For part three, Josh will go up against Paul. The winner of that contest will pick someone to go to the final two with him.

Josh Martinez and Christmas Abbott in the Big Brother house. Sonja Flemming CBS

We get to see both Josh and Paul talk to the camera about who they think they will take. Paul seems to indicate he will take Josh. Josh hints that he will take Christmas. That’s her only hope for moving forward.

Christmas: “I worked so hard and I’ve tried so hard to stay positive and to show people that you can do whatever you put your mind to, even play ‘Big Brother’ with a broken foot. I honestly don’t think anyone else would have stayed with a broken foot. So does that make me exceptional, or does that make me the girl that got carried through because she has a broken foot?”

Christmas also notes that her mom, who has breast cancer, has always been her hero. “I want to be able to give back to her by being able to help her pay some of the remaining medical bills, but also buy her a little log cabin back on her farm down in Texas. And who doesn’t want to buy their mom a house?”

The jury

The show checked in with the jury of evicted house guests, who ultimately get to vote on the winner. Early on in their rant session with Dr. Will (turns out he’s a former “Big Brother” winner and a dermatologist), there are indications that some people there really don’t like Christmas.

“If I could break her other leg, I would” said Alex.

But then people trashed Josh pretty badly, too. Paul got a little respect for playing the game well, even though he was a backstabber. “He over-lied,” said Jason. The only sensible thing Raven has said all season: “It’s ‘Big Brother,’ we all lied.”

(L-R): Christmas Abbott, Paul Abrahamian and Josh Martinez on “Big Brother.” Sonja Flemming CBS

Most people on the jury said the only reason Christmas was still in the house was because of her broken foot.

“She gets the cripple pass,” said Cody. But Jason, who was a party to the broken foot, noted that Christmas took a “tragedy” and made it a positive.

Let’s face it, none of these people are exactly Mother Teresa. We’re at the mercy of the CBS edit – as we have been throughout the entire season – but it’s maybe looking better for Paul, as far as the jury is concerned.

HOH, part 3

The final part of the HOH had Paul and Josh answering questions about the evicted house guests.

In a shocker, Josh won. Then he ran to hug Christmas.

The eviction

Josh had to evict either Christmas or Paul. Both plead their case to Josh and he tearfully evicts . . . Christmas. Dang it.

“I just think about jury and about how many people I’ve p***ed off in jury and how many people I’ve upset in jury, and I think I have a better chance – call me crazy – sitting next to Paul in the end. I’m so sorry, Christmas, I love you so much. Thank you for being my rock in this game. But you are a badass and one of the strongest, toughest competitors. You killed everybody with kindness and handled every single eviction with grace and I just think I wouldn’t win against you. It’s a game decision. I’m just doing it for my family and I hope you can respect that.”

That means Christmas is out.

There was a long group hug after that – lasting so long that host Julie Chen had to remind Christmas that she had to leave.

Exit interview

Christmas sobs at the start of her interview with Chen. When Chen asked her how she felt about Josh – her very close friend in the house – not taking her to the final, she said, “I’m proud of him.”

Christmas Abbott on “Big Brother.” Bill Inoshita CBS

“I’m proud of him because he always acts with his heart and he finally started thinking strategically. I don’t know if I would have won over him, but I’m just proud of him. He made the ultimate game move.”

Christmas tells Julie that she tried to take her mother’s advice in the house and “kill them with kindness” and keep her integrity – “But I know I lost my top a few times and ‘Crazy Christmas’ came out.”

Christmas was emotional throughout her interview, but laughed at times.

When Julie asked if her strategy would have been different if she hadn’t broken her foot, Christmas gave an emphatic yes.

“I love competing, I love winning, I love pushing myself to pass what I think my limits are.”

She said when “Big Brother” let her stay in the house after breaking her foot: “I was hoping for people to realize that no matter what circumstances they’re given, that you can make the best of it and you can surprise yourself. And there was no way I thought I was going to be able to be a Top 3, and here I am and I have two amazing friends, and I get to show everybody that you can do whatever you put your mind to.”

The vote

The jury – including Christmas – first asked some questions of Josh and Paul. The details aren’t important, since my main point here (forgive me) is to write about the Raleigh girl. Then each made a short speech.

The winner, getting $500,000, is Josh.

Christmas, by the way, voted for Paul, who will get $50,000 as the second place winner. This is the second time he has come in second on “Big Brother.”

America’s Favorite House Guest

There’s one last prize, and that’s one voted on by fans. That winner gets $25,000. Over 15 million votes were cast. The winner was Cody, which is unbelievable.

“It doesn’t make sense,” said Cody.

I agree.